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Potential long distance relationship

Me and my girlfriend have been together for over a year now and she has decided that she wants to go work in Australia for half a year (we currently live in the UK). We went travelling in February around Australia for a month and from that I decided I did not want to live there and I was hoping that would satisfy her. She was thinking about going to Australia and working at the beginning of our relationship and I told her I did not want to start anything as I was not interested in long distance, because I have tried it before and it just didn't work. I have told her that I will support in her decision because I love her but I'm far from happy with her going away for that long as I said previously that I was not willing to do long distance. I can't visit her as it is a lot of money that I don't have. I feel if I give her an ultimatum and get her to stay then that would mean she would resent me. I know there's Skype, phone, emails etc. but it's not the same as having someone physically there with you. I was wondering what other people would do in this situation?

Potential long distance relationship

One year is not enough to hold a person to a geographical commitment, IMHO. It seems she has already made up her mind and what you say is not going to have that much impact. It's just 6 months. See if you feel the same when she gets back.

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