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Why Does He Make Me Feel A Nuisance.

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on Jun 7 2014 at 20:31
Member since: 07 June 2014
S-e-x advice I have lived with my partner for a year and a half, and been seeing each other for three years.I have never met a man that has turned me down sexually like mine. I understand he is tired from work but all i wanted was some stimulation not full sex. Now were not talking to each other. He says i shouldnt think i can click my fingers when i want sex. I havent had any for days. Now i feel we can never be close in that way. To be honest im scared to death to touch him. we have both been married before, but in all honesty have never encountered this before. what should i do?.
Why does he make me feel a nuisance.
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on Jun 7 2014 at 23:02
Member since: 29 December 2013
You need to discuss with your partner why he doesn't need/want sex. Intimacy is important but it needs to be mutual.

While your relationship lacks intimacy, it is now lacking communication when you state you're not talking to each other.

Sit him down and discuss this issue with him. You'll then discover the real reason why he doesn't touch you.

The pair of you communicating together are the only people who can resolve this situation.

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