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Ex bed buddy

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on Jun 9 2014 at 21:24
Member since: 09 June 2014
Relationship advice My boyfriend of two years have been sneak off to go hang out with an ex bed buddy of his. He says it is nothing but before they started hanging out again, they were texting. I told my bf that it was something I didn't like and he ensured me he would stop. He eventually change the name on the number and continue to text that person. When I find out he had went to go hang out with that person, he said he never do it again and I forgave him and try to move forward. Just six months I find out he did it again. This time around he told the person right in front of me don't call me no more than he texted it. However, I'm still mad about the situation because he did it again after he saw what it did to me last time. We had an argument about it and he said that it was old news and doesn't understand why I bought it up again. The situation scares me because I don't wanna leave him but if he does it to me again I may have to. I jus can't seem to get over it but I do love him.

Ex bed buddy

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on Jun 9 2014 at 22:16
Member since: 24 February 2014
Hi Right your boyfriend is a liar , and has done this more then once about the same issue.

I would be concerned if I was you, trust is broken and you are on egg shells fearing hurt again.

This relationship is now based on fear,he betrayed you and was sneaky by changing the contact on the phone. He sounds like a kid rebelling. You are the mature one in this relationship, and he is not listening.

I hear you and I hear fear you instincts are telling you cannot move forward, with him. But you can move forward..... on your own.

He does not deserve your love I understand that it might be hard to hear that.... but it is true.

You are worth more!!!!!!

Ex bed buddy

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on Jun 9 2014 at 23:42
Member since: 09 June 2014
Sorry to hear your dilemma. Maybe you two should sit down and discuss the matter together. You need to question him and he needs to give you answers because love isn't suppose to be living in fear. If he wants his ex bed buddy more power to him but to go back and forth between the two, is ridiculous. You are very mature to try to forgive the situation but before you can forgive you need the wound to heal. Best of luck to you.

Ex bed buddy

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on Jun 9 2014 at 23:54
Member since: 29 December 2013
If you can't trust him, you don't have a relationship. If he does nothing to try and instill trust in the relationship, he's not giving it or you priority.

Ex bed buddy

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on Jun 10 2014 at 00:58
Member since: 27 December 2013
How can you deal with a person who thinks having sex with someone else is "nothing"?

That must have hurt you dearly.

Clearly, you two have different ideas of faithfulness and trust. He just doesn't get your concern.

Some time has gone by. Has he been faithful? If so, then accept this - but don't trust him for some time.

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