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Texting husband, hurting wife

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on Jun 13 2014 at 11:39
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Relationship advice My husband of 3 years is a compulsive liar and has been sneaking around sending explicit texts to women. We have spent hundreds of dollars with him seeing a counsellor and yet only days ago I found a text message he sent to a professional doctor he is seeing about his health!! We have a 4 month year old daughter and caring loving families. He has made numerous promises to me that he would not do this anymore and concentrate on me and our daughter at hand. Yet he continually chases women via text messages. He has been caught 8 times already and has been going to strip clubs, spending our house money behind my back. I love him and care for him but just can't seem to understand why he does this stuff!!! How many chances does he need? I have threatened to separate from him as this behaviour is turning me into a sad, untrustworthy, hurtful, bitter wife. I don't want my daughter growing up in a sad and unhappy household. Advise please!!!

Texting husband, hurting wife

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on Jun 13 2014 at 13:20
Member since: 27 December 2013
Do you need permission to do what you must?

After 3 years, he is not acting like a husband. He lies, cyber cheats and disregards your feelings - in spite of counseling and warnings from you.

You "love" him - and he is an addict (sex or porn.) Accept this package and prepare for a life of this - or get out of this young marriage so you will not be damaged too


Re-connect with the counselor and get some help for yourself, even if he does not go.

Texting husband, hurting wife

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on Jun 13 2014 at 14:04
Member since: 08 June 2014
Its not a threat to him any more, your threats. You don't go through with any of them. Why should he stop? Your threats are empty. You need to follow through. Its like a child that you tell to stop or he gets time out but then you never give him time out.

Start separating things, get your daughter into day care if she is not already, make sure you have a financial way to split if you need to. Get family support. And when you have all your ducks in a row tell him you gave him fair warning and you are through. Separate and move on. Even if it is just a trial separation at lease he will see you mean business.

Take dance lessons, get a hobby. he needs to see that you mean what you say. At this point you are both liars. He will continue to text other women and you will continue to make empty threads, yell, get mad and then stay with him.

And fyi, daughters that grow up in a house with a cheating father are more likely to grow up and get into relationship where they are cheated on. You really are not doing her any favors staying with a jerk.

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