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Advice needed urgently

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Relationship advice There is this boy (A) that I went to high school with .
I fell in love with A and I am pretty sure the feelings are mutual ( I think ) . He would always stare and smile at me in class , he would do anything to be "touchy feely" with me ( if he's giving me something he would make the effort to touch my hands while doing that ) he would talk to all his friends about me , whenever I was upset its like he was upset too ...
It's just all the little things that he would do that convinced me that he felt the same. I'm quite a shy person and I think he is too , so we just flirted with each other from a far ! Which didn't work in my favour as another girl asked him out a couple weeks before we left school and they started going out ! Apparently that didn't last long but I keep thinking its my fault , if I'd told him how I felt about him he would probably be going out with me !
Anyway that was nearly 6 years ago since we left school . I moved on with my life , dated and I now have a young baby .. But my feelings for A never fade and I sometimes think about him out of the blue .
Last week I was invited to party by a good friend of mines from school ( a birthday party for her baby) so she invited me to come along with my baby . At the party , along with other people from my school was A ! He came over to me gave me a hug and we started chatting ... He even held my baby for about 10 minutes . We spoke about career paths and he even asked me if I wanted more children ... He also hinted to me that he was single by joking ( everyone's got children now I should probably get any girl and have some babies , because I want a whole army !)
We chatted for about 15 minutes when I went to sit down with my other friends and I could see that he was staring at me all the while .. He eventually got ready to go home so he came over to me and said bye .. He held on to my hand for a good minute while walking away . Anyway I regretted making him leave without asking for his number and I didn't want to not have contact with him again for another 6 years ! So that same day I messaged him on Facebook and asked for his number ... He gave it to me and we started chatting . The first day we chatted it was only for about 10 minutes ( I started and ended the convo) the next day we spoke again which was Abit longer and he seemed a bit more interested ... He also asked me how old is my daughter ( he called her by name) and I said 6 months. After that I couldn't help but think that he thinks I'm either still with her dad ( which I'm not by choice ) or that he's now not into me because of the baby . It's been three days now since we spoke .. Because I started the previous conversations I decided to lay off a bit to see if he will text me first . He is always online but I don't know if he's waiting for me to talk first or if I've just completely made him uninterested . the way he looked and smiled with me last week does give me hope that he still feels the same as in school but I don't know what to do about it now ! I've loved this boy for years ! And the fact that seeing him after so long the feeling are still there for me does say something . I really don't know what to do ! If you have any kind of advice for me regarding my issue I would be more than great full .

Thank you and hope to hear from you all soon

Advice needed urgently

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If you don't want to lose him again, you are going to have to be more assertive.

Ask him to meet you for lunch (without the baby). Get to know him NOW, not just what you saw in high school.

If he declines your invitation, then he is not ready for a relationship. But don't blame yourself.

Love isn't always on time

Advice needed urgently

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Next time you chat open out with him that you are single. Also just jokingly tell him that you had feelings for him in high school. See what his reaction is. If he asks do you still have it for me....pick it up from there. But don't think you love him coz you had feelings back then. Know him now and decide (people do change with time).

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