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Want someone who is keen to work on health together

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on Jun 18 2014 at 21:04
Member since: 18 June 2014
Health advice I've let my weight and health go. I've suffered from bulimia, am recovered and have become uncomfortable in my skin. The only way to fix this is to eat right and exercise but I find exercising and getting my health back difficult when it's a solo journey. I walk at midnight as I don't like people seeing me walk, I can feel the 95kilos on my tall frame move. I need to get my health back as it will help my confidence and overall well being. Does anyone know where to find fitness friends, forums to meet people or suffer from those issues to chat with? Thanks

Want someone who is keen to work on health together

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on Jun 19 2014 at 07:36
Member since: 15 June 2014
First of all, congrats on battling your bulimia. That's amazing and even as a stranger, I am SO proud of you.

You shouldn't feel uncomfortable in your skin... I'm sure when you first were diagnosed with an eating disorder, you didn't feel comfortable with how you looked, either.

Now, the desire for a better body is natural, but don't feel obligated to work your tail off towards it so you can reach your definition of "beauty". You know what I mean? I know that's probably not what it's about, going off of what you said, but still.

I have no idea about online ways to meet people trying to workout (i.e.) together, but I'm sure if you so some basic web searches, you can find quite a few local groups. Maybe even people who have dealt with similiar things as you and are trying to excercise.

Whether you run alone or not, you're not alone on your journey. :)

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