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Long distance relationship break-ups

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My boyfriend and I broke up 2 weeks ago because we thought there is no clear future for us due to the long distance relationship.
He and I met in my country when he studied in my college, then we broke up few months later because he had to go back home after study. Months after that, I was able to go in his country, he offered me to stay at his place. First few days, we behaved like friends and then we discovered we still have feelings for each other so we got back. Then, I had to go back home after my trip there. We decided to go for the long distance relationship because I would be studying master's degree in a city near his home. Six months later, we finally be able to see each other again. But the year I study master there was not that easy as I thought. We were not able to figure much time to see each other, etc. I am going back to my country soon, and both of us was expecting that after the year I study master degree, he'll find a job in my country and we don't need to suffer from all these anymore. But we tried very hard, there is nothing. I told him it's fine if we had to end again because of the distance, I just wanted to enjoy our time together until the end. But he told him he couldn't. It was too hard for him to enjoy, so we shouldn't see each other anymore. So, we broke up 2 weeks ago. Last week, I asked him again to just see each other until I have to go home after my study (about 3 months from now). He got sad. I kept telling him it's find, just put the worries away. Then, he got angry, he said he can't. and he said again that unless there's a future for us or the relationship is over and he wants to move on. I feel very bad because we are still so close to each other but not seeing each other and just seize the day we can be together, so from time to time, I talked to him and told him I miss him and I still love him and I am so afraid that we might never see each other again. But he always stays silent when I talked about the relationship. Other time, we're able to talk like good friends.
What should I do now? I know that working in my country is what he really wants, but probably because we both just graduated from uni so we don't have enough experience and skills to get hired in each other's country... I kept telling myself don't be too upset by this break-up because we were able to meet again before, and maybe after a certain time we will again. I told this to him as well, but he just stayed silent. We've been together for 2 years (with some separation of distance sometimes) and before that we were friends for years...
Should I just forget him and move on, or each in contact and wait for the day that the chance to come and we'll see each other again? and why he prefer to stay silent for everything I say about us and the possibility of future? Does he really wants to move on and just be friends even when the opportunity comes for us to be together again?

Long distance relationship break-ups

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It seems that all this back and forth is just too painful for him OR he is really not that serious and wants his freedom.

There is certainly something there for the two of you, but maybe he feels the relationship cannot stand those months apart.

This is a difficult situation, but it seems he does not want to put forth the effort and time to continue. Let him go. If it is meant to be, then he will be there for you when this is all done.

But you should ask yourself if you want to be with a man who refuses to move mountains to be with you.
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