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I can't seem to be alone..

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on Jul 2 2014 at 02:44
Member since: 02 July 2014
Emotional advice So I started dating at 12, and i'm now coming up for 23, a good solid 10 years and i've had 5 boyfriends in that time (A few short term and a few lasting years) but i've never really had a gap between these boyfriends. I think the longest i've went is 3 months.. and whenever i'm in one of these gaps I get an instant crush on the next guy that makes me laugh, to the point where I can't stop thinking about them.. Feminists must hate me haha, but I just can't seem to be alone without convincing myself i'm in love and need a new boyfriend. I suck at this independence thing.. I was wondering if anyone has any useful advice or inspiring quotes? I'm just sick of falling for people! :P

I can't seem to be alone..

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on Jul 2 2014 at 12:16
Member since: 27 December 2013
At least you recognize that something is off, here. Why the need to have this male attention?

You have spent some vital years that should have been time for developing independence, career and yourself as a woman. Instead, you revolved around a boy or man.

Take some time for yourself and travel, get a new look, meet new friends, etc. Decide you are not going to commit to another guy until you gain some independent experiences first.

Men are supposed to be the frosting on the cake. You have made men the entire cake!!

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