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He walked out

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Relationship advice I had been having words with my husband saying I was fed up of hearing other people going abroad and why we never do and why our credit history is so bad we cant get a loan anywhere
I was ready to go for a walk because I felt so fed up and down but I didn't and he started getting louder and said he would have to go. He got his stuff in a suitcase and left. Our daughter who is 20 and out son who is 18 heard us and she said , did you make dad leave and I said he wanted to leave. She said I should of went because I dont pay the rent, I told her neither does she and she said at least im looking for work
I do not work so she was probably getting a dig in at me.
I told her she should of went to uni. she said, and all the expense. She is taking a gap year to get a job and earn money for when she goes next year
I didn't tell him to go. I wished I had gone as i felt that fed up i wanted to leave but I have no where to go and little money. He sent me a text to say he cant believe it and there is nothing left
I now feel I shouldnt bother with my daughter after her saying what she did. She is closer to him so is our son. When I think of all the years I gave up to look after them and this is how I get paid back. I know I should of gone for the walk because we shouldn't of let them hear us like they have for years and years

He walked out

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You have written a lot of posts on here and I have been following them. You seem very bitter and quick to get angry over small things. You complain to your son, your daughter and your spouse about things of little importance. You are mad at your husband because you do not have the money for a vacation. Don't put this on your spouse. You have two grown children. There is nothing to keep you from working is there? You are making your family miserable. Now you are angry at your daughter because she saw and heard your petty argument about a vacation when your husband is the only one employed and able to pay for it. Step back and look at what you are doing to your family. You fight about lack of money but are unemployed. Who do you think is really to blame here? You are not entitled to a vacation. You may want a vacation but unless you can afford one you do not deserve one. I don't cry and start a fight with my spouse because I want a new car and cant afford one. I get a job, save my money. Try to be a help to your husband and not a problem he has to come home to. Plan a little vacation of your own buy packing a pic-nik lunch and meeting him at the park, or the river. Lean and then create exotic foods for your family to try. Do a taste of Italy night and then a taste of Spain night. Pick out music that is from that country and have it playing in the back ground. Do an Asian night and have every one eat with chop sticks. Start being a solution and not a problem. There is only so much your family can take before they write you off completely. Their love for you has kept them putting up with this petty stuff for as long as they have. A job will also get you out of the house and help you feel more anxious to be home with your family as well.

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