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Feeling empty...

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on Jul 14 2014 at 03:53
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Relationship advice So recently (feb 9th) my girlfriend broke up with me. At first she stated she wanted a "break" never really understood those. Before i continue let me jump into the back stroy briefly.

My ex and i were together everyweekend. Id pick her up she would spend the weekend with me and then go home for school for the week. Everything was great, we had priorly been together before but there were some issues. But ongoing so its christmas eve and i got home from work and changed, etc etc. The plan was she was going to be with me then after church open presents and then take her home. I wasnt aware of this plan... so i had asked my mom when SHE had planned on the presents because my girlfriend just wanted to know when for herself. My mom blew up... basically christmas was destroyed. My mom yelled like crazy, said very hurtful things to myself and her. And forced her to leave... from that point it was hell. I went to see her but not as much as i had used to because my mom had me on lock down. There was one week i promised to see her but my mom ruined that plan. So for almost 3 Weeks i didnt see her. Finally when i saw her 2 days prior we were fine. Then shes extra distant and not talking. So eventually it leads to the "break" then finally break up...i tried and tried... i honestly love her, with all my heart. Planned when, how, and where i would propose to her. She was the one for me, so i wasnt about to let her go without a fight. So valentines day comes i sent her flowers and everything, she tells me she gave them to her grandmother... she cut me off deleted me off snap chat and facebook and for a little bit blocked my number. She had some stuff of mine she wanted to give back, turns out it was EVERYTHING i had gotten her for christmas down to a movie stub... i was crushed.

Eventually i texted her one day for her to tell me she doesnt love me, etc etc and she was with another guy, now shes done this before just to try to get me jealous but she ended up being with him, are they still together? Im not 100% sure but it doesnt seem like it...

So today im here just tired of feeling down and holding it in. I miss her, ALOT and this point im just discouraged. I try to meet new people and it just doesnt work out. I dont know why, but at the end of the night i always think about her. Everyday i think about her. I just dont know what i can do at this point. I want to be with her, more than anything. But i dont know how she feels or what i could possibly do to make it better...

Feeling empty...
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on Jul 14 2014 at 04:24
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Not exactly sure what the problem is here... Your mother caused some kind of fight/problem with her, and then tried to ground you? Then this girl you love decided she wanted to cut herself off, made sure you couldn't contact her easily and is now with another guy.

If this assessment is correct then it seems it's your mother that caused the initial problem, then your girlfriend decided she wouldn't be with you because of your mother? Sounds like a bad match; there's fun, there's sex and then there's love. You need all three and some commitment for a relationship like that to work. I'm the product of a bad match, and I can tell you how sour and unpleasant they go after a while.

If she doesn't want to be with you, then all other points aside, it's a bad match. If your mother caused this rift to start you need to talk to her and tell her not to be so controlling, tell her it's hurting you.

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