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Urgent Help Needed

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on Jan 14 2009 at 17:57
Member since: 23 December 2008
S-e-x advice About 6 months ago, my boyfriend who i had lived with for about 8 months and had been together with for nearly two years, told me he didnt love me, i had to pack my things and leave, over the summer i was a mess, and it was quite a blur. I am now living about an hour away from my ex and it is always tempting to see him, whenever i do see him we always end up having sex, and lots of it, and then he tells me he loves him, this has happened countless times now and im at a loose end, i love him so much but he says its impossible for us to be together because we argue to much, yet he says he still loves me. i can't let go of him because he is so dear to me and never want to lose him properly. Any help would be so grateful
urgent help needed
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on Jan 16 2009 at 02:02
Member since: 16 January 2009
to tell you what i truly think, he's using you. he may say he is not, but i really think he is... he lusts for you, i don't believe that he loves you. if he did love you, truly, then you 2 would not argue so much. he wouldn't do things that will hurt you. you wouldn't have the idea of fear of losing him if he loved you. i fear you are not in love with him either. People sometimes confuse love with obsession and attachment. i have people that were dear to me and i thought i loved, but in the end, i lose them. it hurts really (freaking) bad, i know. my pain has not completely gone away yet though. i later discovered that i myself didn't "love" these 2 people. i was obsessed with them because i feared i couldn't live without them... why do so many people make the same mistakes?... so many people are ignorant, and tied up in what they think or want to be real. we cloud the truth with what we wish or want to happen. we are so stubborn that we do not realize what is really going on. i hope you seriously find a way out of this. i lost most hope and faith in myself with getting over my feelings, i hope you do not end up the same way. i hope you are better than that...i want you to be stronger than me...
urgent help needed
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on Jan 21 2009 at 03:24
Member since: 21 January 2009
At least your havin safe sex!? Get over him, he's using u for his physical requirements!

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