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Very confused about everything

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Hi Everyone,
I apologize in advance for having this post so long but I can’t write all this in a shorter way.
I am a young student at a college and I am very confused about everything in life. I live with my parents and I absolutely hate it. I very much resent my parents because they never understand my situation. I am about to start another year of college but I am very confused about future career goals. I have always wanted to be a doctor but now that I am in college and I take a closer look at this career choice, I realize I don't want to be a doctor. I like to be a very happy and care free person and I absolutely can't handle all the stress that comes with college. If I can't handle this stress, I cannot imagine being stressed everyday as a doctor. I also don't want to spend the years that I am young to study to become a doctor. A doctor is what my parents want me to become but I have told them that I am not sure about it. As immigrants, they want me to have a stable and respectable job but they don't see that I also want to be happy in my chosen career. I am thinking of new careers that I could choose but non of them have to do with the program I am in. If I were to finish this program and don't get into medical school, I still have to choose another career. I have no idea if I should quit this program and go to another program or stay in this program and see what happens. The problem with the latter is that I am using loans to finance my education and If I stick with this program and maybe do another program after that, the amount of debt will kill me.
I am also unsure about being a doctor, I have worked my whole life for this dream and I don't just want to give up on it. Which is why I want to stay in this program and see what happens.
I don't have anybody to talk about this, my parents obviously don't understand and my friends are also in their own head clouds.
I am just so confused! My parents will probably kick me out or make my life miserable if I make a decision and it turns out awfully.
They expect me to know everything and just can't understand that I have to make mistakes in order to find who I am in this world. I just feel so alone and have no support in my endeavors. I have no means of living on my own so my parents are not on my back all the time and they expect me to find a job.
If I had the means, I would take this choosing a career thing more slowly instead of choosing so early in my college career. I don’t want to be faced with a huge amount of debt where I can’t pay it because I don’t have a career. I won’t have help paying it off either so I am alone.
Please provide me any advice you can, I have been struggling with this for a year now.

Very confused about everything

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You are quite a bit away from really choosing your major, so why not complete this 2nd year, THEN make a decision.

I know you want to be happy, but can you think of just ONE career area that could make you fulfilled?

You are very busy saying NO - now find some YES things in your life.

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