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Bf's 14 y.o son acting strange to me

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Ive been living with my bf and his 2 kids (m 14y.o, f 11y.o) for 5 months now, the kids has been great to me and I treat them love and care in return, sometimes the daughter can get selfish and possessive towards me or her dad or sometimes she doesnt want her dad giving me attention and do stuff that doesnt involve her, but thats just normal in my situation I think so anyway for a month or so now bf's son is acting strange towards me. He always love hugs, at first he hugs me twice a day which is normal (to say gmorn and gnite) but then 2 became 3 then it multiplies, niw he hugs me when he wokes up, before brekky after brekky, when I cook, after I cook, when we both pass each other in the house and so on and so forth, just wanna ask is thus normal? I am not from this country (oz) so maybe its normal here? Another thing theres this one incident where they are going to school and he went inside our room not knocking to hug me and say gbye, and I didnt have a (bra) on, so he just hug me said bye but I saw him looking at my chest and when I looked at myself there u go, u can almost see my breasts and I was about to talk to him and tell him thats not nice but he just left hurriedly.. then last one was yesterday we all went to a mall and told my bf ill just go to this particular store to get something, his son went to a game center where he usually go to, I went by myself and after 1min his son was there as well and I told him why u here u hate thiskind of store and he just smile and I tried to gently push him and said go be with ur dad he might need your help, and then he grabbed my hand and hold it and I quicklt removed it a nice way and grabbed his shoulder instead and we walk out, I didnt say anything about it but what was that? Is it him just being sweet to me? I always hold his sister's hand whenever we walk but a 5'10 teen boy? Is he trying to be more close to me or its somethin else? I hope u guys can help bec. This is really bothers me. Thanks.

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