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A little immature but....

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Relationship advice I have a very unique job. I work outside, with a lot of guys. Most of the girls work inside, so on a typical day i'm the only girl working outside with 10 guys around my age.
Being i work mainly with guys, I don't really know many of the girls. One particular one that I've became really good friends with, we'll call her Mary.
There is one particular guy that works with me that i've became really good friends with (we'll call him John) is about mine and Mary's age. We are the youngest ones that work there, so we're often grouped together.
Mary and I have talked about John a lot, and she has recently told me that she likes him...not in a friend way. And that's ok...

Because John and I are such good friends, he tells me what he does outside of work for fun. He drinks some (we're underage) and makes out with a lot of girls. He's a giant player, and he has no problem talking about it. In every other way, he's great though. He's attractive, and extremely sweet. He just doesn't like to stick to one girl.

He and Mary talked seriously for awhile, but then he broke it off saying he 'didn't want to date anyone right now'. Which is understandable, he just got out of a pretty nasty 2 year relationship.

He's also told me before that he 'didn't want to date anyone from our workplace'. Which is understandable.

Here's the only issue...I think i might like him. I don't know why, he tells be about all his parties and who he hooks up with at these parties, and with any other guy, I wouldn't even think about having a crush on. I've told him things I've never told any other guy. He's semi-invited me out before. He's asked me to go for a ride with him in his mustang and invited me to a movie. But then he says he doesn't want to date anyone from where we work. He's sending mixed signals. I CAN'T like him. I just can't. I need to get over him, because
1. My really good friend still likes him and i'm afraid she might be angry if she knows I kinda do...
2. He's a player and doesn't want a girlfriend

Our job is just for the summer and will be over in a month but I can't take seeing him every day. I can't get rid of these feelings. I can't look at another guy without comparing him to John. And i can't talk to Mary about boys without constantly feeling like a bad friend. I'll work with him again next year, so it isn't just going away in a month. I want to keep him as a friend, because I love him in that way. But i like him in another way that i shouldn't. Anyone have any ideas?

A little immature but....

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Sorry bailey, you have a crush. I personally enjoy crushes. And you should too as long as you know what they are and that they are not going any where.

It seems like you have your head on straight. You know what you are about and what he is about. You aren't fooling yourself I mean. I think that is great. Too many girls fool themselves into thinking a guy is relationship material when he obviously isn't.

Its only a month left. Enjoy him. Keep that straight head in place though. Mary, don't worry about her. You aren't dating him and neither is she.

This is great practice for you. Keeping your head around a cute but totally unworthy boy.

A little immature but....

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If you go into the lion's den, then don't be surprised if you get scratched.

You know what he is, yet you want to go there . . .

Be prepared to be hurt; that's what he does.


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