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on Jul 27 2014 at 13:16
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Relationship advice My problem is that i have a boyfriend who i feel is using me and doesn't listen to me.that really bothers me because when he calls me with his problems i listen to him but when it's his turn to listen to me he puts me on hold or say he gone call me back and never does or he'll ignore me and fall to sleep on me.i don't know what to do i know I'm tired of the bs and wanna be happy.i don't wanna be with anybody that uses me and only wanna talk to me when he need or want something.what should i do somebody please help me.


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on Jul 27 2014 at 14:25
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I myself think that BF are not that good for sounding boards on girl issues. Better to off-load on a best female friend.

What kind of "problems" is he using you for? financial advice? family problems? solving puzzles?

Is he there for you in other ways? If he can't help you with your problems, the don't ask him, just like you wouldn't ask him to lift 500 pounds.

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