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Stick it out or end it?

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Relationship advice I have posted this question recently but wanted to get a few more people's opinions so I can fully assess the situation and decide what I should do.

So, I have been with my boyfriend for almost for years now. He is a great person and treats me like a princess. He has done nothing to lose my trust. But, for about a year now I have been feeling very unhappy with him and somewhat bored. I have even been "crushing" on other guys. I love him but more as a best friend than a boyfriend. I have attempted to break up with him many times but I always back out because he still loves me and I don't want to regret breaking up if we are really "meant to be together". I thought this feeling was just a faze but it's been going on for a year now. I don't know what to do. Should I break up with him? Stay with him? How can I decide? Also, am I a terrible person for feeling this way when he is such a great boyfriend?

To clear some things up:
*I am not staying with him because I am afraid of being alone, I am staying with him because I don't want to hurt him*
*We have been together since high school*

Stick it out or end it?

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If he's not the man for you, then it's not mean't to be. If he was, you wouldn't have doubts. If you were meant to be together, you would be 100% happy. You wouldn't be bored. All relationships need constant daily input from both partners and when one stops, then usually it's in trouble.
And no, you're not a terrible person, you're human.

Stick it out or end it?

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I have even been "crushing" on other guys. I love him but more as a best friend than a boyfriend.

You already have your answer. The longer you wait to break things off w him, the harder it'll be. Stop thinking and waiting for the right moment to end it. There is no right moment, you're hurting him regardless if you stay - bc he doesn't have your heart anymore and by leaving - but by leaving you're giving him and you both the chance to be love and be loved fully in return by someone you both deserve, and not for selfish reasons. Just express to him how you feel and get it over already. And you're not a terrible person regardless if you feel like you are. You're human and not every person we're in a relationship with is meant to be. Leave this relationship knowing this wonderful man was a blessing that you did love him once but as you got older, grew up after high school, you realize that he's not the man for you anymore.

It's sad and it sucks to break up but we all have been there. He'll appreciate you more being honest and ending things now than stringing him along bc you weren't "ready" to break things off bc you're afraid to hurt him. Trust me on that as a 30 something adult with years and wisdom under her belt.

I hope you can end things mutually- don't say the "it's not you, it's me" card- that's bullshit. Be upfront and honest. You'll feel the weight of the pressure off your shoulders immediately, and I hope you use the time afterwards to be single for a while.

Take care

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