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Giving up someone who seens to be my soulmate

Hi! I met a 34 year-old-men in a dating site. Both looking for a serious relationship in our profile. Our talk was so fluid that we met in person the next day. We found a lot of affinities, as we had never seen with other people. Intellectual similarities, same life values, taste for art, same way to see the world. After that, we found we were very sexually compatible, too. It´s been 2 months we 40 days we met. We saw each other every other day. I practically slept half of these days in his apartment. But I was the only one who invited him to meet me. He said yes all the time, but never invited me. And the nights we are not together I go online to check, and I find he is online with other people on Skype, Facebook and on the dating site we met. I asked him why he doesn´t seem interested and he said he cares about me. But he said he is not good at showing his feelings. And said we are still getting to know each other, so it is too soon to make a decision. I feel that 40 intense days s enough to know if it is worth to try and have a relationship. If he is not sure, it is because it is not meant to be. Yesterday he didn´t answer my phone call and I saw he was online on Skype, Facebook and on the dating site we met, talking to other people. I said it was enough for me and that I had given up. He said he cared about me and we should talk. I asked him to come to my house so we could talk. He said it was too late and he didn´t want to talk while I was mad. I said that if he went to my house I would know he really cares. But he didn´t go. So I decided not to invest anymore in this relationship. He is trying to get in touch with me. But I´m afraid to talk to him and be deluded. At the same time, I think our connection is too special and deservers a chance. What do you think?

Giving up someone who seens to be my soulmate

I think you should ditch him. Its not the 40 days that would be my issue it is that he was not even open to speaking with you about it unless it was at a time and place that he decided. Example stating that it was too late to talk. But not too late to be chatting on a dating sight.

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