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How do I make friends?

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I have never had friends until about 2 years ago when I started college and was finally away from school bullies. Because of that I have little social skills and am having a hard time building close friendships. I’m transferring to a 4 year college from a 2 year community college. I have 3 roommates and I wanted to be their friend. I have tried to talk to them but after a few conversations about what to bring and classes we are taking when I started asking questions to try and get to know them better everything fails. They stop responding after a while either after I make a statement they don't respond and will only respond when I ask a question. Either after I make a statement they don't respond and will only respond when I ask a question. Or after a question they just don't answer. I know that they could be busy or forget to hit send or forget to text back after reading the message, but it happens every time I try to talk to them. Not once has a conversation ended by them saying they have to do something and will talk to me later or anything like that. They always just stop responding.
Once one of them said she had to charge her phone and I said ok and we didn't talk for a few days because I was hoping she would eventually initiate a conversation. none of them ever initiate a conversation it's always me who starts talking to them and I always wait a few days before trying to talk to them again so I don't seem needy or anything because I really do want to make friends but I have no idea how to do that.
On their social media I see them talking to other people who are going to our school but they never talk to me and I wish I knew how to get to the point where they could talk to me like they do with other people. I have this issue with other people too. I try to start a conversation but after a few minutes they stop responding and we go days without talking and I try again later and they don't respond so I give p and don't ever talk to the person again.
I hate feeling like nobody wants to be my friend. I have only 3 friends now and even with them we don’t talk but will just watch a movie or play a game and that’s it. after not talking to my roommates for a few days I sent each of them a message casually mentioning I was going to a theme park during the weekend and said they could come if they were not busy.
That was yesterday and so far only one has said she can't go because she plans on packing up that day because we move into dorms next week. the others have yet to respond and I feel like they will say no too and I feel like giving up on making friends because I have no idea how to connect with people or what I’m doing wrong. The 2 years I spent at community college I only made 2 close friends and with everybody else they only said hi in passing and never tried to be friends with me or be more than classmates or coworkers.

How do I make friends?

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u should try the following
1) try to change your style, try to look fashionable
2) try to help everyone and always keep a smile on your face so that everyone is attracted towards you
3) sometimes peoples who speaks softly doesn't make many friends so try to speak a little bit loudly and clearly
4) try to find out the topics in which your friends are interested and talk about that only
5) watch a movie on friends and try to imitate the favorite actor, see that how she is talking, what are her expressions while talking
6) you must be lacking in speaking good lines in front of your friends so you see what kind of dialogues others are using

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