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Help Me Get My Long Time Crush!

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on Aug 9 2014 at 07:10
Member since: 09 August 2014
Relationship advice Can someone please tell me what to do and help me so I can get with/date this girl and tell me if she likes me more than a friend? Thank you so much

I've had a crush on this girl for about a year. We would sit next to each other in our math class (senior year in high school) and talk and flirt/flirt touch all the time but I could never tell if she liked me romantically/sexually. She has had an on and off boyfriend for like 3-4 years and he's kind of my friend so I didn't want to ask her out while they were dating. The girl I like would talk to me about her boyfriend and about how she was mad at him and he kissed another girl while they were dating and etc... But she would rarely talk about him. This all happened during school January-June. We didn't talk/text much during the summer until recently I asked her to go to lunch and she said yes. It went well and was really fun and I love talking with her. I tried asking her to hang out a couple times but she said she was busy every time. She is not a drinker or party person and she knows I like to get a bit tipsy and party hard, so I was surprised when she recently last week texted me she was drunk and then called me saying now we can party together. As of now her and her boyfriend are still together but will be breaking up for college in different states. But I will be going to a different college in the same city as my long time crush!

So I really need help. Does she like me more than a friend? Should I ask her out once they break up? What should I do or tell her and when? Please help!!

Help me get my long time crush!
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on Aug 9 2014 at 13:41
Member since: 27 December 2013
So she drunk-dialed you? big deal. Pay no attention to that.

You say they are still together. So THAT tells you something. She is flirting with you, getting attention from you that she should be getting from him. She is using you. You need to stop that.

Step back. Stop all communication with her. She is teasing you right now.

If you two get to college and she matures a little, AND she has no boyfriend, then begin talking to her.

Help me get my long time crush!
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on Oct 31 2015 at 03:35
Member since: 31 October 2015
I know that people I'll disagree but I don't think that ignoring her is the right answer. You can't help love! Before you do anything you have to know- do you love her? Do you REALLY love her? If you do then go get her! You can't waste your time dwelling over these problems because no matter what anybody says your thinking about her! You want to be her friend! I know that you probably think that she isn't into you but...I think she might be! I have had crushes before and i wasn't sure if I liked him or not. I also couldn't tell if he liked me...I didn't think he did. So as I wasn't sure if I did like LIKE him so I tried to push him out of my mind. I couldn't. Why? Why is because I had thought about him for a second and I dwelled on this idea. So my point is if you ever liked the idea of being with her for a second or though about it, it's telling you you want her. I DONT KNOW IF SHE LIKES YOU. I've never met her, I don't know her, I don't know what she usually does. However, I can tell you if you love her you'll know it. Is she worth it? If she is then you need to get her. Take this from a girl, how does she act around other guys that she's dated? How does she act around you? I hope this helped! I'm honest when it comes to relationships. Please reply if anything happens. I want to know if what I said helped.

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