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Transgender or DID?

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My boyfriend recently told me he was transgender. I decided to stick by him, however his behavior is worrysome.

Firstly, he's always told me he feels as though there are three of him.He referred to these "others" in the third person. He does this as well when speaking of his female half.

Secondly, he really truly wanted to pursuit becoming a woman then out of nowhere he tells me that he realizes he's a man and maybe he needs to honor the female part of him, but not always.

He told me all of his male features were forced and he didn't feel male at all. The other night when he said he knows he's a man, he said he felt "male" and even asked if I missed him.

He has 2 FB's one as a man and one as a woman. He constantly used his female account and rarely his male one and now it's the other way around.

He occasionally speaks to me as female, but nothing like before. It was constant. When he does it's fleeting.

I'm kind of scared of him. As a "male" he's sexist a little mean to me, and extremely hostile towards others. As a female, he is the total opposite. He acts and carries himself as a male and very well. I was shocked when he told me.

I'm wondering if he truly is transgender or has DID...

Thank you!

Transgender or DID?

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A professional counselor is in order - couple counseling so you can understand what is going on with him.

Sounds more like dissociative behavior to me, but I really don't know. Best to bring in professionals.

His behavior while a "male" should be of concern to you. If he were just that, I'd say move on. He's sexist and hostile? That's tough to have a relationship with.

Can I ask why you have decided to 'stick by him'?

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