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My friend has depression.. what do I do

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Health advice i am 14 and so is my friend. today she was diagnosed with clinical depression and medium anxiety. She is a very close friend of mine and she is like a sister to me. When i talk to her i never had the feel that she was depressed. She isnt shy at all, lets just say she is the most outgoing person i know. However in the past she has self harmed and when people bring it up she does breakdown into tears.

She told me today that she had been diagnosed and i was just lost for words. she told me by sending a message and all i said was that i would be there for her. I need to know how i can be the best friend possible to her because i dont want her feeling like she has no one.

If you can speak from experience, either if you were depressed and how your friends helped you, or if you were a friend to someone who was depressed. I need help and i just want to be there for my sister.

My friend has depression.. what do I do

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I recognize her symptoms and here is a good place to start.

She's probably being molested and thinks it's her fault because that's what her molester told her. Telling him to stop or be reported to the police comes next.

For contact: [e-mail address removed]
Doug Miura

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