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Age gap relationship: how to meet family??

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I've been seeing a guy exclusively for a few months now, things are starting to get more serious and couldn't be better. I feel like I should be bringing him up to my family soon, but I'm not sure how to tell them I'm seeing a man almost 37 years older. We're both consenting adults, so law isn't an issue, just social stigma. We're both very artsy, so creatively we just seem to blossom together, where his family might understand that I feel my overly conservative family would not. I'm not looking for any advise saying the problem would fix itself if I met someone my own age, I'm looking for advise from those who have been in similar relationships, or even from someone who feels they could just give some useful advice on my situation. This is a relationship that the both of us are in for all the right reasons and I really do see something beautiful coming out of it.

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