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Should I tell my boyfriend?

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Relationship advice I was with my boyfriend for 2 years and was always ridiculously in love with him. Last year we split up and I was heartbroken to say the least and felt as if my world had fell apart. After a year we decided to give it another go and shockingly its going amazing and I am happier than I have ever been! During the time we broke up we both have been with other people so before we made it official we sat and spoke to eachother about this and both accepted what had happened in that time period and moved on from it with no problem but I left out a crucial event. I went to a party about 5 months back and ended up in a taxi home with one of his close friends. We was both really drunk and one thing led to another and i ended up back at his and we slept together. The next day I shot out the house like a flash and we both agreed how wrong it was and to never speak of it to anyone again, I was that embarassed I didnt even tell my bestfriend who I tell everything too. I thought this would be easy to keep in but the guilt and fear of it is starting to take a toll on me. I am just to scared to tell him incase it ruins everything, and this is something i have been waiting to happen again. Plus i dont want to ruin his friendship and break his heart or lose him again. Is it worth telling him? Please help!!!

Should I tell my boyfriend?

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If your really feeling guilty tell him.
You'll feel a lot better. Just be ready to deal with losing that person or figuring out ways to fix it.

I feel like if he really loves you it shouldn't matter who you slept with before you started dating again. The relationship was over so don't feel guilty about the past.

I personally wouldn't tell him since things are going so well. the past is the past. who knows if he told you the truth about it all either, for all you know he could have done the same thing.

you'll figure it out.

Should I tell my boyfriend?

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Rule Number one when one is broken up and then gets back: What happens during those months is private and really non of his business.

You were a free woman and you were not in a relationship.

With that over - what WERE you thinking by jumping into bed with a BF of an ex? Was it the alcohol? You did something very foolish while intoxicated. Then stop making decisions when you are intoxicated.

Hold your head high, keep your mouth shut and go on. And watch the drinking.

PS - don't even THINK of asking him what he was doing during that year. It's none of your business. No time for "true confessions". Just concentrate on today.

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