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There's This Girl I Started Liking..

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on Sep 3 2014 at 02:25
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Relationship advice Hi,i was wondering if anyone could help.

Right here is my situation, there is this girl who's been to all of my schools ( pre school/nursary through to end of upper school) and she lives same area of town as me, but we never spoke or seen each other out of school, only the odd hi every now and again and that was throughtout school. she was one of the beautiful girls who was classed with the so called "populars" at school, but she didnt think she was above anyone and spoke to most people, but obviously as me the guy who was kinda in the geeky-sporty scene, i thought i have no chance no point speaking to her. but now at 21 we both have jobs and our own lives blah blah. so i was on fb a week ago and she popped up on my people you may know "121 mutal friends"(personally thought i had her fb already) so i added her she accepted. so basically im wondering how to start a conversation with her obviously eventually i want to see if we can meet up and see if she does like me etc, but how do i start a conversation off first without being creepy because we havent seen or spoken to each other for like 3-4 years ,considering even then it was only a hi.

i came close to pretending my laptop went crazy and typed "oidfhej!!" to her just to start a convo, but felt silly for thinking it

There's this girl i started liking..
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on Sep 3 2014 at 03:07
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I don't think you should be nervous just start off by saying hey, how have you been? ..wait for a response ha. Line up some questions ask her about her job, her plans for the future, make her laugh. After like a half hour of chatting ask her if she would like to get ice cream or coffee or something that you'll be able to see face to face for a small amount of time and get to know each other.

If there's going to be a spark they'll be a spark and she'll talk to you again if shes into you. if she doesn't then talk to her and see if she might be interested in a date. you'll get an answer hopefully.

There's this girl i started liking..
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on Sep 3 2014 at 12:22
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Wow, you are 21 and can't think of anything to say to a girl you grew up with?

Time to get off the computer and spend some time with real people.

Ask her for coffee or a sandwich IN PERSON, FACE TO FACE, REAL PEOPLE.

Do NOT develop this relationship on-line.

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