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Calls between my husband and our friends wife

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We have a family friend who hosted my husband for some months.After that the couple became friends with us. Since then the lady of that house keeps calling my husband often for no good reason at all. I have tried to understand that they were close when he stayed there but isnt calling everyday too husband calls her as much too but not when in the house mostly when at work.i see that in his phone. The husband of that lady calls him too but not as much as that lady.
They recently gave him their car to repar and sell it fo them, the lady calls him everyday and when asked he says its about the car.i ask why not the husband of that lady to be soo concerned?
When i met that couple i tried to make friendship with that lady we even exchanged numbers but she hardly call me. If im wrong please correct me i feel there is more than just being friends. I ask my husband and he says that i should tell her to keep off. Please tell me if im just mad for no reason.thanks

Calls between my husband and our friends wife

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Too little data. I really can't tell if any shennanigans are going on because there are too many other, equally plausible reasons why she'd be calling daily.

- She's the one takes care of all things house-connected because her husband's worklife is too busy.
- Plus they need the money for the car sale quite badly, hence her over-eagerness ("have you sold it yet?, have you sold it yet?...") unde4r the guise of friendship-based contact.
- She simply feels more of a click with him than you (obviously, given he stayed with them for 2 months), and quite possibly is the type of woman who feels more of an affinity with men than women.

She's definitely being insensitive, though, thus creating a cause for concern in your mind.

Saying that, why does your husband make all such calls mostly from work? Is that just when it suits him because he's the type wants his/your evenings to himself?

You'll have to be specific: HOW many calls per day or week occur between he and she, and how many to and/or from her husband? Also, at what times of day? Do you know if they've already bought a new car despite not yet having sold this old one?

Ah. Stop the press... I was typing as I was reading (in order to be able to respond *as* things struck me) so I've only just hit your penultimate sentance about him telling you to tell her to lay off. Gosh, sounds very much like "someone" is enjoying the opportunity this genuine need represents to get to sit back and watch just how possessive over him you are and how and whether you'll go as far as to fight another woman for him (whether or not a fight is even warranted). Has "somebody" been feeling neglected of late and wants greater attention?

Her agenda is a separate thing entirely (refer to above theories), but certainly it sounds like his is as I've just explained. So this would then explain why he'd wish to encourage her (even simply by failing to DIS-courage her) in terms of frequency. Either that or he's banking on his sense of certainty over you not being the type who'd dare confront her, meaning this cause for concern and uppage of attention towards him on your part gets to remain for as long as he needs it.

Is any of that going "ping!" in your mind?

Calls between my husband and our friends wife

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Every relationship is different and each person is different with what they feel is "ok" in the relationship. If you feel strongly about this not being a good thing in the relationship then you need to speak up and tell you husband that you are no longer happy with the amount of phone conversations he is having with this woman.
I don't think you are mad for no reason. I wouldn't be happy with the relationship he is having with her.

But the real issue here is that you are not happy and that you are more important then this other woman and him needing to speak to her every single day.

Calls between my husband and our friends wife

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A similar situation happen in my marriage, I choose to be confident in my marriage and husband. Worst mistake I made. She was a married friend of mine, and used that friendship to distroy my husband's trust in me. Needless to say it resulted in a 3 month affair. I finally listened to my gut and confronted her....she spilled the beans, and then he finally fessed up. We are still struggling to save our marriage. Be careful how close other women get to your husband.

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