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Need advice on a girl I'm dating

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So I met this chick online and we hit if off pretty well. Started texting a lot through out the day and then our 1st phone call was a few hours long. I was on a work trip when we started talking so we planned a date for the weekend I got back. The date went very well to the point that a few days later she was asking me when I was going to take her out again.

Second date went really well too and I gave her a crappy kiss at the end(she poked fun at me later for not giving her a real kiss lol)

I went away for 10 days on a work trip and we were texting a lot through out the day, phone calls in the morning and evening. She invited me to come to her house the night I got back into town knowing my flight got in at 11pm

The few days before I was heading home the texts turned very sexual and we even dirty talked on the phone while she was pleasuring herself.

She told me that we could sleep in the same bed when I came over but she wanted to wait on sex which was not a big deal to me.
She had mentioned that she wanted to take things slow as last time she jumped into bed quickly it ended quickly

So i get to her house about midnight and first thing I do is give her a nice long Kiss. we then cuddles up on the couch to watch a movie. After the movie things started to get heated. I started to play with her tits, she had told me over the phone she wanted this.

Things progressed and we moved to the bedroom were we were doing pretty much everything but sex. Now she had told me before no to let her have sex with me even if she asked. So things got a little heated and i slipped in a bit and she grabbed my back and pulled me towards her. It was great and I could tell she was really enjoying it.

After that was over I looked over at her and could tell she was upset, it took me asking her a few times what was wrong until she started to tell me. She was upset that we had sex because she wanted to wait. I reassured her that I am not the type that was looking for a one night stand and that it would not change anything. I assured her that I like her and she said the same about me. She then asked if I wanted a relationship with her and I told her Yes. So we cuddled up together and went to sleep

The next morning she was friendly but I could tell she had pulled away a little, we ate breakfast together watched some TV then I kissed her good by.

I did not really text with her the rest of the day, then the next day we text a bit and I asked her if she wanted to watch the football game and she said she had plans. No biggie we text thru out the game.

The next morning we were texing about the late game then i tried to give her a call to see how she was doing. She did not answer so i sent her a text saying we both put our cards on the table and we like each other. Would you like to talk about it or do you need some space.

She responded that "Space would be good" "I just need time to think sorry"

So i responded no problem I am glad you told me that. And told her that I dont want to hurt her that she is amazing and I would like to get to know her better.

She responded I just wanted to wait.

I know she likes me but I am not really sure what to do in this situation. I have not been talking with her really over the past few days and its hurting me more then I would have expected

Need advice on a girl I'm dating

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Oh - this kind of woman drives me crazy!!

Yes means no, No means maybe . . . push/pull; push / pull . . . how are you suppose to figure it all out?

I have a feeling that it's going to be a roller coaster ride with her if you start off a relationship.

Give her space - LOTS of it.

Find someone more grounded who knows what she wants and wants what she says.

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