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Sister problems

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on Sep 25 2014 at 17:33
Member since: 25 September 2014
Relationship advice Almost a year ago my sister started seeing someone. She didn't tell me about him for a few weeks because she was afraid I would judge him, which I later did alot because he is not good enough for her. She has always been able to find herself very attractive boys as she is herself. She is only 18 and thats what worries me. Since she began dating him she has lost contact with every single one of her friends, she has isolated herself from her own family and all she does is spend her time on the phone to him. Last month her offers for college came out and she declined all of them and moved across the country to be with him. He lives about 8hours from us and she somehow managed to meet him in our town thats how it all started. There has been an awful lot of fights in our family since. We have always been an overly close, happy family and since he came into our lives it has all gone downhill. She won't reply to my texts, calls or emails and I think he will break us apart. I desperately need advice as I have gone so far as to share my problems online. Can someone help me please? I don't want to lose my sister as she has always been as close to me as a best friend and now I have lost her.

Sister problems

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on Sep 25 2014 at 17:47
Member since: 27 December 2013
Some times ya gotta let other people be wrong. Step back and let her find that out herself.

PS WHY is there in-fighting in your family even when she is out of the house? Kids DO leave the house, you know.

She seems to not be making the right choices, but who knows? Let her know you will all be there for her - then let her live her life.

Sister problems

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SOULMATE (moderator)
on Sep 26 2014 at 12:08
Member since: 19 August 2014
Agree with Susie. You can't help someone if they don't want you to and don't even think they need it, and she is *legally*, if not emotionally, a grown adult. If she wants to live life like a fully-grown, fully-independent adult, she has to be prepared to deal with its downsides as well. If she finds she really CAN'T handle those, she'll be back with her tail between her legs. But not, as Susie points out, if she feels all she'll get in response to her reaching out is a, 'told you so'. That admission would inevitably come later of her own volition, anyway (if she's even by then got any sense).

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