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Is my best friend really my friend?

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on Oct 2 2014 at 04:50
Member since: 01 October 2014
Other advice My best friend and I have known each other for about a year. She started dating one of our mutual friends about 9 months ago and they're still going strong. I'm super happy for her but here's the problem: there doesn't seem to be much room for anyone else in their lives but each other. I'll be talking to one of them and the the other will walk up and all of a sudden, while I'm midsentence, its as if I no longer exist or matter. She'll tough his face and then they'll turn towards each other and completely block me out and even start their own conversation. I understand they're in love but that doesn't mean that they can just ignore me and all their other friends. Its starting to become a huge problem in out circle of friends and no one knows what to do. Help??

Is my best friend really my friend?

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on Oct 2 2014 at 09:12
Member since: 17 September 2014
There is no problem here. Simply put, three is a crowd and they just want to have more time and space to themselves. What you and your circle of friends should do is to allow them this space.

If your best friend truly values you as a friend, then she will come around and reach out to you eventually on her own. There's no need to feel as if you're competing for her attention against her boyfriend because:

1. She will obviously choose her BF.

2. This doesn't mean that she values you any less -- it just means that she likes you differently from the way she likes her bf.

The same is true for the guy who is also a mutual friend to your social circle of friends. He might have less time for you guys now, but if he truly values his relationship with the group, then he will come around and make time for you people as well.

If they both choose to just be alone with each other and block you guys out of their lives completely, then it is their decision and really, all you can do is just move on because it's not like you can nor should be telling them what to do with their time.

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