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Just kind of venting about a girl

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Relationship advice Hey, just some minor details; I'm a guy and I'm 16. And now the background story. Fairly long.

Well recently I've getting into acting at school, after taking drama I auditioned for plays and love it. I met a girl in my class, let's call her Alex, her and I had what you might calling dealing, but as far as I was concerned, that's all it was, and it rarely happened. Sure we texted a fair amount and stuff, but it wasn't a relationship as far as my standards go. Things we're alright, y'know? I start with her because relationships can be a drag and my libido is being filled. Anyway, this was going on for a about month, we really didn't do much, and at our schools cancer event I didn't see her, she got mad, long story short she brought up how were "Not really a couple" on msn. And as unmanly as it was I broke it off on msn, just cause she brought it up. She just about lost it, did NOT want to remain friends but I convinced her we should. After all, that's what I thought we were. Anyway, this was happened at the same time we were in a play. during the whole practicing part. I don't need to tell you how awkward that was but we got past it. So I was fine, until I really got to know the other girl in the play.

Dun Dun Duuuuun.

That's convenient right? I just lay off one girl and I don't have to look much further for another. I'm not a man-whore (contrary to what Alex thinks) but anyone can back me up when I say, you can't control where or when this kind of thing happens (that is, a certain interest in a girl). So I try getting to know her better, let's call her Liz, and sure enough I feel a real connection after a few weeks.

Alex freaks out because I was "hitting on her at my party!" and I really could go into more what she said, but it's not worth your eyes. Anyway I naturally denied this. For one, okay, maybe I was a little but I don't HIT on girls, I talk to them. But yeah, I talked to her a lot. And two, is that any of her fucking business? I mean really yes, its her party but if I had done that with her she wouldn't have said a thing. Because God knows, as well as Liz, that she is not over me. BUT anyway, they went to the movies, long story short: They're good friends. Alex asked Liz not to hang out with me anymore, or rather pressured her into promising. I thought this was bullshit, and restricting someones freedom is lame, so I told her honestly (blunt and rude, but honestly) what I think of this and she flipped, insulted me, said fine, she can do whatever she wants, and now we're no longer friends. At one point she said "I'm done with you both" and about 5 minutes later retracted it. This isn't really a problem though, still strictly background. This all happened over msn because she deleted me one night and I asked why, that set this all off. Fucking msn, It's like a can of courage. Which brings me to the real problem.

Sonya's great in person. I could tell you how great but that would 1. Bore you 2. Take up too much space, This is long enough already. So shes a fucking awesome person, and I really like her. She's just out of a relationship though. By just out I mean a 9 month relationship that ended 5 months ago and shes still not quite over the guy. Over msn she tells me this, my heart nearly bleeds and I write a poem. In person, everything's swell and she tells me "I've decided I'm getting over him". So I don't know what to think. I talk to my friend about when I asked what was the most romantic thing a guy's done for you, and she said "my ex wrote me a song, threw pebbles at my window and then played it for me, my heart melted." So I'm not much of a singer, but I made a comic, revealing my feelings for her, and I was all set to give it to her.

Next Problem. She's going to 'Polish Camp' Sunday. For 3 weeks. With 25 kids, half of them guys, all my age. She's been going since she was 10. I ask her, have you had any previous camp romances, she says "ahah, yes" and I say, still?
She says, "no comment aha". Again, strictly over msn.

So I'm pretty mad. Do I give her the comic within 3 days? or just let this one go. I don't think I'm worth her, and I don't think it's even worth trying.

The worst part of this is, I feel so God damn pathetic and won't grow a pair and just tell her.

Any advice would be great, thanks.

Just kind of venting about a girl

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welp, in my opinion, if it was me i would probably tell her how i feel, and just b honest. better to do that than live with the regret later on. also u should give her the comic, i mean u already made it didnt u? might as well come clean, cuz it will get some wight off ur chest. also if ur serious about it then the rest really depends if u wanna risk getting ur heart broken. i mean if she is the kind of chick whos easily swayed (which is what she sounds like from ur description of the camp thing) into romance shes prob not worth ur time. youll just get urself hurt. i know cuz i dated a girl who was like that and got cheated on more than once... so yeah just get it over with and confess, see where it goes from there, after things will b much clearer once u tell her and get a responce of how she feels about u. (Sorry if my advice sucks im 17 and not totaly good at explaning things lol)

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