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Boyfriends bo and alcohol problem

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on Oct 5 2014 at 02:52
Member since: 05 October 2014
Relationship advice I have be with a guy for about four weeks now at first the relationship was fine I started chatting to him on a dating site and we had a connection.

First time we met he was nice brought his friend with him and I met him at the train station went for a drink and then I went back to his and on the way met his friends who treated me like a person.

Went back to his after to find a dirty house that smelt horrible. I was asshamed and embressed. But because of the way he was and he's friends were I wasn't too fussed bout it.

After two weeks of dating this guy I have become aware of his drinking habits and lack of hygiene.

I'm a clean person myself like to look as best as I can won't leave the house without doing my hair and make up and our house is lived in but not untidy and smelly as my bros gf and I clean up on a daily basis.

About week n half/two weeks ago I decided that it would be nice for my bro and his gf so I organise him to come stay for five days (sat to wed).

In this time he didn't shower once after I dropped hints on several occasions. In five days he drank 6 bottles of cider and one day he started drinking at 9 in morning. When he went I had to change my bedding it absolutely reeked of beer breath and BO. I felt so dirty and sick after he touched me the last night he stayed. I thought to myself y did I get with this guy at first he was so nice but after I got to know him I found out he was an alcoholic and a smelly guy.

My bros gf was discussed and wasn't impressed with the lack of hygiene and drinking he was displaying and said I could do so much better. I have since spoken about it and he cut down a bit and assured me he would keep his hygiene up but he hasn't listened.

At the moment I am going thro a rough patch as I am going thro the transition from male to female and this doesn't help so I said instead of us having two days apart as I would like to have a few more days to get my head sorted so I can be more relaxed around him. he lives 30 mins on bus from me so the way we worked it he would come stay Saturday and go back home Wednesday.

Yestarday he decided to surprise me and come down to c me even tho it had been a day or so since he last stayed and I wasn't ready to see him but he upset my bros gf before coming down. I didn't have chance to get ready as he didn't let me know where he was and as all u girls know we need time to get ready.

He knew he upset me and played guilty card saying he was in town n I wasn't going to be with him so there I was not in a good mood and not having enough time to get ready so I threw up my hands and said ok after repeatedly saying can we make it another day.

When I met him it was obvious he had been drinking as he reeked like a brewery once again. My bros gf came with me and she was no way in the mood to talk to him. So she blanked him and he decided that offering to buy her a drink would solve it. So u can imagine wot was going thro my head u turn up smelling like a brewery now that's add to that. can't cope with it I'm going thro a rough patch as it is and I have decided to end it with him but don't know how.

Wot should I do?

Boyfriends bo and alcohol problem
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on Oct 5 2014 at 03:23
Member since: 29 December 2013
Alcohol abuse gets in the way of daily hygiene basics which most of us take for granted. He may be an alcoholic or he may have a drinking problem, regardless you need someone who mirrors your values and standards.

This guy offends your standards and it should be very easy to tell him upfront why, end it and then move on. You should listen when your brother's GF tells you that you can do much better because she can obviously see that this guy is no good for you.

Boyfriends bo and alcohol problem
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on Oct 6 2014 at 16:01
Member since: 06 October 2014
stories like these above wouldn't make people to give up alcohol. I was an alcoholic for 10 years :) I was trying everything to beat this addiction and nothing worked. In alcoholics' clinic they recommenden me this http://tinyurl.com/l5u8cyt . I was skeptical, but I had some money so I tried this. I was reading it 7 times, in six months I gave up alcohol :) now I'm free man, who is FREE from any addiction!
Boyfriends bo and alcohol problem
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on Oct 6 2014 at 21:05
Member since: 27 December 2013
You REALLY has to ask what to do about this situation?

If you can't set standards for future partners you are going to repeat this ugly scene time and time again.

Decide what kind of partner you need and ONLY accept that level. (Gee, make sure he takes a shower)

You took in an mongrel. Any wonder why he doesn't clean up well?

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