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Back with my ex, was it a mistake?

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Relationship advice Hello everybody, I don't know what to do anymore, I hope some people here could give me their opinion, it would help me alot...

About 1,5 year ago the girl I loved broke up with me after a long relationship. I could not understand why because she didn't give a clear reason for it. I was devastated. She was going to a far away country at the time for her education.
When she broke up with me she said that if it was "real" love, that we would get back together in time.
I strongly believed in this and I waited for that to happen.

Now, a couple of months ago I met her again and long story short, we are back together now.
At first I felt like as if I was the most lucky guy in this world. But then I heard that in the time that I waited for her, she had sex with 7 different guys. I did not have any kind of sexual contact with another woman because I was waiting for her, but she had sex with alot of others.

I know that because we were not together in this time she did not realy do anything wrong but it still hurts like hell. She told me that we would get back together if the love was real, so I waited for it and refused all other woman. So it hurts to know that she had sex with so many others while I was waiting for her to return.

She also told me the reason why she broke up with me in the first place, she said that she was abused by her boss at work at that time and she didn't want to tell me about it. That seems realy weird to me, first off all, I did not notice any change in her behaviour, she did not seem sad or anything even though she claims she was raped. Second, if it is true, I dont understand why she broke up with me over that, instead of telling me so I could help her...

I just dont know what to do anymore, It fucking hurts to know that she acted like a slut while I was loyal to her and while I waited for her to return, and I don't know If I can believe that she broke up with me for the reason she told me.

I think I love her, but at the same time as long as I am together with her I will have this pain every single day.
I don't know whether I should stay with her or break up with her and try to move on... everything is getting so depressing lately..

What would you people do if you were in my position?

Back with my ex, was it a mistake?

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You guys are on two different levels. Your GF's behavior is somewhat left field and her reason for breaking up should alone, tell you that she will always be different from you with her thinking. She should expect you to support her if she was abused by her boss because that's what partners do when they need support...they turn to those closest to them.

It's your choice what you do given your position, but you should be following your instinct (your gut) first and foremost. If you are getting hurt and confused now, image what the future holds if you stay with her. Always choose a partner who mirrors your standards and values to give you the best possible chance to having a successful and rewarding relationship.

Back with my ex, was it a mistake?

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YOU chose to wait for time to pass before getting back together. YOU chose to be "loyal" but some may think that was actually putting your entire life on hold for something that was really an unknown.

SHE went on with her life, had some experiences with other people, then decided that she wanted to be with you.

Keep that in your mind.

Your preoccupation with her past may destroy what you have now.

Back with my ex, was it a mistake?

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Don't be a stupid damn, maybe you love her only for now.. she is so dirty how can you endure to be her boyfriend? There's a lot of girls around you, find out a descent and pure woman. Dirty people should not be love. They just love giving pain on their partners. Don't destroy yourself. Its not to late to leave such type of a person.

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