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Husband doing acting & model roles with female

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Relationship advice We have been married for 15 yrs. we have a 5 yr old son.
When i met my husband he was already signed
Up to join the military. He had told me that a few
Years before i met him, that he had tried to get work
As a model.
He never pursued it in anyway until 2007.
I didnt have an issue with it. Until he was being placed in movies
With nudity or love interest. We talked about it
And both agreed that he would never take a part
That required nudity, sex making out with a female.

In 2008 he was in a movie that had sex scenes
And some nudity, but he was not the actor playing
That role. He did have to say a sexual line to a half
Naked hot female. But i was ok with that.
Last week he was part of a photo shoot
I was told it was goin to be a family oriented shoot

He would pose as the dad with two children and
A wife. I trusted in him, so i didnt question the part

Then i find out that only the first day of the 3
Day shoot - was with the kids. The other 2 days
Were romantic shoots with him & this female

The advice i need is this. We agreed nothing like this
Years ago. But he did it anyways. Next he claims
Its actn and not real. My thoughts are its really
Happening even if its actn.
Ive been sick to my stomach and i feel horrible about
The romantic shoot for sooooo many reasons.
He says he wont take anymore parts like this

Even with that said, it already happend and now
Im sick by it. Sick that he did it, sick that he sees
It as no issue because its actn. Please be honest
And straight with me. What would you do? How would
You feel?

Husband doing acting & model roles with female

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Straightforward and honest... Since you two already discussed and agreed, and he is still doing it...then to me he doesn't care how you feel. Sometimes although we enjoy certain things even if it's "acting", if he's truly committed to you then he could easily sacrifice those parts. Honestly though, chances are he will use the...oh you don't support me crap. Hey you both agreed about this way before and you have let him do some questioning things already. I'd do something about it before it gets worse. Sounds like he's in positions where an affair is just too too easy... How would he feel if it was the other way around?

Husband doing acting & model roles with female

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Agree that he either doesn't care or cares more about the role opportunity or money or whatever else he gets out of it. Agree that you had a perfectly clear, firm agreement. Agree he's broken it. Who CARES about the petty details involved in the breakage! An agreement is an agreement.

Trust is another word for ability to predict someone - how they think and how they do and would behave in any situation imaginable. So he's destroyed a portion of mutual trust, hasn't he.

I'd be outraged as well. If you haven't got as much trust as you should have and were led to believe you had, what HAVE you got?

Was the agreement acting and not real, as well? :-p That remains to be seen, now, doesn't it - by his now STICKING to that re-asserted agreement.

He now has to re-earn that portion of trust *and* make up for the 'crime' of having dented it in the first place. That's it - black and white simple!

If he (conveniently) can't emphathise, ask him to imagine you in some porn film, you and some man basically naked...all the way to 'with your mouth full'. Let's see whether that fails to bother HIM, shall we?

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