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Emotional advice hi,iam from Madhya pradesh,i useyerd to live in hostle in Bangalore,after a year one girl from my hometown came into my pg,
she came in my company for interview,but her interview was not good,but i told my manager to keep her in my company,as i have good reputation in my company so my manager selected her.
But after getting inside my company that girl is showing attitude with me,she dont use to behave with me good and also many times she insuled me and makin.g me to feel down.
so from 3 months iam so much worried and iam feeling like fool that i helped her and not able to sleep peacefully and whenever i see that girl my expression shows that iam tensed aND Even after doing good iam not feeling peace.
everytime i feel that y i make her to be inside my company.
plz provide me some solution

Thinking problem

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Hi ! You know what? For real, you're such a great person helping her in to your company..
It seems that the problem is not you, it's Her, she don't know how to return the favor. Maybe you're not asking for it but a mere appreciation would do, I mean, what does she think she's doing? You helped her and she kinda insulting you? Is that how she learns to thank a person?

But as for you, I guess a great solution would be... stop yourself for being tensed just because of her presence.. maybe she insult you, make you feel down, but If you knew to your self that you could be a great person than what she is hitting against you, then do it for yourself, feel free that you are somebody she can't down anymore... and without you, she can't be at her place right now..

Thinking problem

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"We all make mistakes", said the tortoise as he climbed, red-faced, off the rock.

Tell your manager you concede to his initial management instincts about her suitability in terms of personality compatibility with existing personnel, that you made an error of judgment when you managed to convince him otherwise, and that you're very sorry you did so. Explain why you think so. After all, if she'd behave like this with YOU of all people then it's wholly likely she'll be doing the same with others or soon will (just a matter of time).

Your reputation in his eyes can only be heightened over such a graceful admission because it demonstrates you have one of the most vital YET RARE ingredients required for being a high-calibred member of long-term male staff: that of HUMILITY.

We learn best by our mistakes, not by our successes. I'm sure, as a manager, HE knows that. And someone who's perfect has ceased growing thus is incapable of learning and self-improving. So only CLOSE to perfection or always aspiring and endeavouring to attain it, is attractive. The odd mistake, and an ability to admit it, therefore, would be A GOOD SIGN and a notable credit to you.

The alternative is to confront her head-on...see if she REALISES she owes you a debt of gratitude (or at least not this ANTI-gratitude). Maybe she doesn't. Maybe she for some reason believes you were the one who voted *against* her joining?

In fact, since you've no idea what she was told on that score, this would be the better place to start.

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