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Doing the easy thing or the right thing?

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So, there's this boy (of course) and we started talking to each other nearly 6 months ago- mainly because I thought he was cute and I wanted to get to know him. As time progressed, I started being a little more daring with my, uh, actions, and he didn't stop me. He took me out after school and bought me things (food etc.), we went to the movies a couple times (always in a group, though), and we *gasp* have even held hands!

However, recently, we were spending an afternoon together and I knew something was up. Right before I had to go, he stopped and said: "Be honest with me." Immediately, my mind went into overdrive as I tried to think of all the things he might say, but before I could have a complete meltdown, he asked if I liked him. Now, there's obviously two outcomes to this: he'll ask me out or he'll shut me down. Actually, scratch that, he made a third option: he liked me but couldn't bring himself to date me.

He said: "I don't want us to fight.. and break up.. and never talk to each other again and make things awkward."
Is he being valiant or selfish??? Does he even like me, or is this just a lie to cover up the fact that he doesn't???
I asked if it was because of what happened with his ex- which, at the time, I didn't actually know what had happened: she cheated on him- and he said "Pretty much." Just so y'all know, I am not the sort of person that would ever cheat on anyone. I once stole a dollar from my little sister and felt guilty for less than an hour before I gave it back.

ANYWAY. He asked if we were still alright, if I was alright, and I said yeah. But I'm not alright. I don't know what to do.

Doing the easy thing or the right thing?

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Ahmm, I guess he just don't want to be in a relationship yet. It would be better if you won't hope for something to happen between the two of you. It seems that he don't want to end whatever it is you two have, and just stay as what it is, he don't want it to go any further.
Hmm, I don't know if he really feel something for you. Don't get me wrong, but as for me, if a guy wants a girl so much he'll do everything to make things right, to pursue you. But it that that's the thing he doesn't want to do.
But maybe he's just unsure of what he really feel for you.

If you're hurt with the situation he wanted, then it would be better if you'll stay away from him as early as it could be..

Doing the easy thing or the right thing?

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Patience . . .

Why don't you just let things work out in its due time? No need to declare undying love right now. Just hang out and get to know each other. That's how trust is earned.

It sounds like he is interested but wants to slow down.

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