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Love with seven year old

- Nov 5 2014 at 14:52
Member since: Nov 2014
Relationship advice Hi, I am a 14 year old boy and I am in love with my 7year old cousin (girl).

She also loves me, she told me this like 10 times.

I know this is crazy and we both are too small but still any advice will be appreciated!



Love with seven year old

- Nov 6 2014 at 04:07
Member since: Aug 2014
yo cousin a seven year old girl come on she still a child what does she know about love and u still young too...y u want to be with her..jast let the child to play dolls...if their parents found out u will be introuble im telling u

Love with seven year old

- Nov 6 2014 at 04:48
Member since: Nov 2014
Well young sir I have to tell you that if it was right then it wouldn't be such a problem. Although you have these feelings for your cousin are inappropriate. I hope you are not engaging in sexual activity with your cousin because this would be both incest (Sexual activity between family members) and a criminal offense where you may face criminal charges. I agree that you are confused and that means you are not thinking clearly. In this situation you have to keep in mind that you cannot have this sort of relationship with your cousin. She is a little girl. Your actions and feelings are going to cause a whole world of hurt for your family and hers. You know deep inside that this doesn't feel right. I think you already know your answer because you said this was crazy and that both of you are too small. Yes you are correct. If this continues people will begin to notice and at some point this secret will come out and ruin your life and hers. Do you want to talk to your parents about this? Can you talk to a teacher? Please speak to someone before something terrible happens. Confused2217 please leave your little cousin alone and concentrate on school, and understand that cousins are not to date one another and children shouldn't be engaging in any form of kissing, touching private parts, or being alone together. You know this is wrong and I couldn't tell you any different. May Jesus be with you and your cousin. Any one reading your post would be highly disturbed by this and I believe I will have to contact an administrator to make sure you and your cousin are safe. Good luck to you.

Love with seven year old

- Nov 6 2014 at 06:52
Member since: Nov 2014
Talk to Childline, they can help anyone under 18 and will probably have dealt with others who feel the way you do. You are doing the right thing in seeking help.

Here's the link to their online chat

Love with seven year old

- Nov 7 2014 at 13:50
Member since: Dec 2013
Of course you "love" each other. But a 7 year old girl's concept of love is quite different from a 14 year old male. Yours probably is of a sexual nature. Hers is based on trust, fun, and admiration. She may idolize you, like a rock star. That's not the kind of love you really want, is it?

So you need to realize what this is and keep her at a distance.

Do you have friends at school? Do you have crushes on girls at school?

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