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Advice on this girl

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Relationship advice Hello, need some advice. I met this girl around 6 months ago. I told her I was interested in getting to know her more after the first month, and she told me that she wasn't in the right place and that she wasn't looking for anyone.

We got closer and closer of the next months, she was flirty with me in person and over text, so I confessed my feelings for her and asked if she would like to go out on a date, she said she doesn't see me in that way and that she doesn't think anything will ever happen, so I gave up and just became her friend and perused other girls.

Recently we've become even more close and I have found out some stuff. Considering that she isn't this close with anyone else, and has told me that I'm the only person she speaks while she's home (apart from female friends). I had a party for my birthday, I had not purposely sat beside her, but it was the only seat (even though it was my own house) and we were sitting really close, she didn't move and was resting on me. I observed one of my male friends when he sat beside her, and she sat normal, no touching, a gap between them.

A friend had a party recently also, where I attended, she sat along the room so I went and sat beside her to take some pictures of the night, she kissed me (on the cheek), had her arm around me and wanted to take some photos of us both herself.

That night, her sister told a friend of mine that she apparently likes me, but she needs time.

Considering all of this, I don't know if it is never gonna happen, but I want it to, but I also don't want to wait for nothing to happen.

She broke up with her ex in February this year, she was apparently miserable for a few months, I met her around this time. She was with her ex for 6 and a half years. She says in front of me she's not interested in relationships right now and she's not ready (this isn't me asking, it's others) and she doesn't want to put herself in the same position as she used to be.

I could use some honest advice on what people think might happen in the future, or if anyone has any relating storys.

Since she split with her ex, she never spends time alone with any male friends, apart from me. She always pick me up in her car, nobody else. She hasn't been close to anyone apart from me since her split.

I honestly think this girl is worth chasing, but will it lead anywhere.


Advice on this girl

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"but will it lead anywhere."?

Well, who knows? But you have a good start, so easy does it. Let her come to you.

PS - if you didn't know her past, would you question all this blatant flirting and signals that she is interested? She SAYS one thing, then does another. Don't listen to friends or rumors about her past. Just deal with today. And that sounds like she is giving you signals that there's a possibility for you two. Just take it easy and don't seem desperate.

Advice on this girl

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I started talking to a girl who got out of a 3 year relationship with her boyfriend. I thought we were going to go somewhere, and we did, for a month. Then she decided she just wanted to be friends, but now we aren't even that. Mostly because she has decided to ignore me and push me aside. I don't have an answer for that.. But with you, it seems like you are a good friend to her (as of right now). It could lead into something more, but don't count out your other possibilities. Go at her pace, and if it just remains as friends, what have you lost? Nothing. What you will lose are opportunities for a different relationship if you only pay attention to her and cancel all other girls out. Now, I'm not saying to go out and find another girl. More so, just let everything fall into place for you. Don't rush anything, don't over think, and don't become too attached. Stick with what you have for right now. If something happens to where she makes a move on you, or another girl does, then go with that. For now, be civil. Be friends. Be happy.

Advice on this girl

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She had a breakup from her previous relationship. Then she might be using you as the fall guy to save her misery. You are only a shoulder for her to cry. She is using you. Relationship may not become possible. Once she is out of her misery she might look for a new guy. You will end up hurt. Run.

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