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Left me hanging

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Relationship advice Met this guy online. We talked by text for a few days. We met on Saturday at his house. Went out and had a good time. Went back to his house and I stayed. We continued to talk for a week and a half. I went back over and stayed the night again during the week. After that day. The following Sunday. We were talking and my ex locked me out of my phone. I had yo reset my password. I think I forgot that. Lol he new I lived with my ex was moving out in a few weeks.
Anyway I asked him to resend his text to me cause I got locked out of my phone.
He was like I told you last night. Is this a set up? I said no I told you I got locked out of my phone had yo reset it.
He asked how. And I told him my ex saw my pin and I tried yo change it.
He said I knew it. I said no its not. Lol I asked him when we were gonna see each other again. And he said I think your still with homeboy.
I was like r u serious...I want you.
Hr said lol don't break your family up for me. I'm far from a home wrecker. Just saying.
I responded with where is this coming from? Haven't heard from him since. Wtf happen? Any insight people.

Left me hanging

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Did this new guy know you were LIVING with another guy?

His remark about questioning this as being a "set up" indicates he didn't know. He sounds surprised and wants no part of a gal who is still tied to someone else.

Yup - he's out of your life.

And you honestly wonder why?

Left me hanging

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He new I was living with my ex from the first day we started talking. I wanted to be honest. Even though it was only for a few weeks. He was OK with it. He said hr wanted to take me out. Said It sounds like I need a new guy to treat me better... We had 2 really good nights. And talked all day everyday for 2 weeks. he would even call me babe and baby. just don't understand man obviously he was there one minute and gone the next totally different person.We had a good connection together.

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