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Inappropriate crush

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on Nov 17 2014 at 04:13
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Elderly advice Okay!! so i literally just made this account because i neeeed to vent about something absolutely ridiculous and is driving me insane so here it goes. alright so quick background info I am currently 15 years old - 16 in january. So! just recently i broke my phone right so I went ahead and took it into radioshack to see if they could see whats wrong with it, the guy, lets call him B fixed it and showed me, but i didnt have any money at the time so he had taken it apart for me. meanwhile there had been another guy, K, who i found out was the manager of the store a couple of days later had been talking to me while B was messing with my phone. We were talking about my phone and just about whatever and I thought he was super cute, although significantly older than me. Keep in mind that I am indeed s*** active and lost my virginity almost a year ago and Ive also been currently dating a very nice boy who goes to my school and just turned 18 (which is not stat **** in my state because its only a three years my senior). Also im actually pretty mature for my age and do a lot of things independently and have been told I look a lot older for my age as well because of how i do my make up and my VERY early development of my body figure. So I was just hanging out at radioshack and I hadnt started being myself around them til the next two days. I had to go back because my dad had taken my phone to the apple store instead because it was cheaper to fix, but they had done something differently and had to end up getting a new phone or else id have to restore it to factory mode which had been such a burden so i told him that i wanted to take my phone back to RS to see what they could do. So two days after my first visit i went and told them the story. B is pretty young and only 23 i learned and K is 36, both pretty attractive. It was later that day so i had been one of the only customers. While B fixed my phone again it had take a longer process so me and K had much more time to talk. Since they had already talked to me I had felt a lot more myself so K and I were basically flirting. (21 year difference!!!) I dont remember in detail but i was teasing him and such and telling him i could see his nips through his shirt and he had said "I was i could see yours" and of course i thought it was all joking. On the first day he had also mentioned me smelling really good and asking what perfume i was wearing, and he commented on this day again about it and so did B. we had also been messing around because when i told them about my dad and his pain in the ass self and B had jokingly said something like "well I hope you dont yell at me like you yelled at you dad" and K had saird "well maybe if she called you daddy while yelling itd be okay" and I thought it was funny because it was obviously about s** terms like calling your man "daddy" in bed. K had also teased me throughout the night by calling me needy because I needed to borrow their phone to make a phone call to get a number and so forth and basically we were just giggling and flirting all night. So after that night when B had fixed my phone I went home and found myself constantly thinking of K, and i had pictures of him on my ipod i had with him on my phone too because I snapchatting him being a dummy to my friends and I kept the pictures. So after this happened I had lied to my dad and said that they had fixed my phone but it wasnt because of whatever apple had done, because I didnt wanna be a burden and make him go to apple to get the new phone. Throughout the times since my first visit I had also made numerous phone calls regarding just stupid questions asking what time they close etc. just to hear K's voice. However a couple days later I told my dad they didnt fix it so he had me go back to RS to get the old screen back on and get a refund so he could give it to apple and get the new phone. So when i went back B was there but K wasnt so there was another worker, J who was already messing with me because I guess B and K had told him about me and my pain in the ass self. So they were flirting with me but not like me and K did. So they changed the screen AGAIN and I left. After a few days I called again but to ask about if they fix laptops too and K answered, and I was really happy. This is where things got weird, and potentially illegal. When I talked to K he was flirting with me over the phone and since my first visit he had always teased me about giving him my number so we can discuss things not in store hours, which i had thought was a joke until yesterday, during the phone call. I had told him about my laptop which they dont fix and he was joking about me being "accident-prone" but he was like "so what about that number though" and I had been like "if i give it to you will you help me with my laptop" and he was like "lmao h*** nah I want some n**** like the 20 other guys on your phone" so i was like "haha well I guess youre not getting it" so he was like "id just anything to get some naked pictures of you" in a s***** voice !!! so i didnt know what to say so I just played along and the call came to an end. I had talked to my two girl friends about it and they think my absolutely insane and that I need to stop calling and stop going there. I am very aware that he basically asked for child p*** and could very much be a p*** or s** offender and extremely illegal being that i am a minor. But this is not my only problem. My biggest concern is that none of this bothers me!! no matter what it's as if it makes me want him more. I would never dare have s** with him but the thought of it just wont go away no matter what my friends tell me. Its atrocious because I know d*** well he could **** me and maybe even kidnap me, but I just cant stop thinking of him. My boyfriend knows about him but I do not plan on telling him about the phone call because I know hell go insane and call the cops or something and the last thing I want is to get involved with the law. Please dont tell me to either because Im not going to. I know hes not going to the s**** me and try something all I need help on is to try and forget about him. Since I had went they were also saying "I wish you were 18 so you could work here i like you" and at first I wanted to so i had gone back and talked to him about hiring me because they are right now too. And i went back today looking for an otterbox for my phone and for some reason I was just wishing K was there so i could see him again and I just feel ridiculous and I know I need to stop because its illegal as hell but I just miss him for some dumb a** reason. And im basically just coming up with excuses to see him. Ive always been attracted to older guys but have never actually had some kind of flirting attraction to one more than twice my age, and all im really asking for is an anonymous place to vent and advice on how to get my mind off of him. and that is why i am here.

Inappropriate crush

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on Nov 18 2014 at 14:03
Member since: 18 November 2014

I'm new to this forum today too! I lost my virginity at 15 I'm 26 now but i remember what it was like to be 15 and all the crazy stuff I used to do! The only difference is now smart phones, social media etc is way more advanced and basically someone can put any picture of you up and it can be seen all over the place and you wouldn't have a clue about it!!!

When I was still at school a girl in my year was going with a senior and he had explicit photos of her on his phone. some of his "friends" got his hands on it and enlarged the pictures and put them everywhere round my school!!!! It was so embarassing for the girl. She was called all sorts of rude insults after that! Its not the same as your situation but the message is be extremely careful who you send or let have naked pictures of you.

This guy is older i'm not judging that or jumping to the conclusion that he is a pedo (but he could be) but if a guy actually likes you and has respect for you he is not going to ask you to send naked pictures of yourself when you barely know him.

as for your boyfriend you said hes a nice lad. Imagine how hurt he would feel if he found out you were texting some other man rude stuff?? Do you want to do that to him?? if you do really like him you wouldn't.

Think about what wou;d happen if you did do something with this older lad you're young and having abit of fun but just be careful with the naked pictures it could get out of hand very easily and you could really hurt your boyfriend and family. Imagine if your dad found out!!!

to get your mind of this older guy you should just try to concentrate on your boyfriend what all is good about him, what do you like about him, go do things with him that you enjoy (!) try to stay away from that shop!

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