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Wrote girlfriend engagement song

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I wrote my girlfriend a song where i ask her to marry me
i sang it to her first then showed her the recording we listened
to it in the car.
Btw she said yes. however she had no comment about the recording none
at all it sounds pretty good of corse i am no recording artist
but the song is pretty descent
it has acoustic guitars and an island beat.
anyway.. at the moment i have no ring i told her
the next day we would go shop for the ring she liked
and i could afford. so the next day we woke up and
we went shopping for her ring we took pics and we went home.
when we got home we looked online for about 2 hrs
not once did she mention the song nor asked me for a copy
she also mentioned that if she told any body about the engagment everyone would ask
so wheres the ring? what about the song?
so she went home kissed her bye
and that was that. she later called me so i confronted her about it.
she said sorry... but i was upset. she said i was acting like a brat then said
you know what dont give me shit i dont want a ring i dont want the song bye!

what should i do?

Wrote girlfriend engagement song

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Usually when a guy asks a girl for her hand, he HAS the ring already. You didn't. (any reason why?)

Then it became a big ordeal looking for one.

You put a lot of energy into that song, but I'm afraid it sounds like it was unappreciated. You wanted the attention on the song; she wanted attention to the ring. I'm afraid you may have "jumped the shark." (Look it up if you don't know what that means)

Think there's a chance for a "do over"?

If so, this time - get it right.

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