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Moody husband

hi i am a mother of 2, my son just turned 6 and my daughter just turned 2. when my husband and i got married in 2008, we've been bf and gf for 4 yrs, i got pregnant that' s why we got married by that year, but i was planning to settle down by the year 2010, but i got pregnant. when we got married our relation was ok for couple of months, but when the minths go by i started to know him more. he is a type of a person who gets mad easily, he doesn't want to be corrected i just don't know how to handle him. when i started to open up i just gets angry. i do admit that sometimes it comes in my mind that what if we just separate our ways. will it work? or woll just destroy our family if that happens.

Moody husband

So what you're saying is that you married when you did because of having fallen pregnant, and that just a few months after having set up home with him, only then, as opposed to the entire four years beforehand, was when he revealed his tendency to lose his temper (and become unreasonable) over the slightest thing, including you telling him - what? - more personal facts about yourself? Was it his house or flat you moved into or did you rent or buy one together or him move into yours? Which?

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