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Relationship advice Sigh.
I don't know how this has happened.
I'm married to a wonderful man, and our relationship is pretty much perfect.
So why do I find myself interested in my male best friend.
It's infatuation, and it's driving me absolutely crazy.
I know my friend is unhappy in his marriage, which is complicated. I wonder if I am confusing being interested in him with wanting to protect him.
My husband is also friends with this man. Longer than I have been.
What a bloody mess, hey.
I would never cheat on my husband, but my god some of the thoughts I've been having are unholy!!!
Typical bored housewife, aren't i.....

The old cliche

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One great thing about fantasies: you don't have to act on them! So don't beat yourself up about thinking about him.

After all, he's attractive to BOTH you and your husband, so there are deep feelings there. And he's in trouble, and he might be good looking, and you just want to "rescue" him and make things all better, plus there's some crush stuff going on, too. . . .

So relax; you are turned on . . . transfer this to your husband.

The old cliche

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So I shouldn't seduce him then ;)
I maybe need to reduce my contact with the friend a bit, which is hard because we have always been very in touch....
Thank you for your reply! :)

The old cliche

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About the LAST thing he needs is to be seduced by a person whom he thinks is a friend - the wife of a friend, at that. What a mess that would be?

Get a hobby, get a job, get a vibrator - but stay away from this wounded bird.

Your actions will cause you to lose your "wonderful husband." Think about that instead of your loins.

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