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Friendship Jealousy

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Relationship advice My best friend for the past few years is of the opposite sex. She and I have always been very close Physically and emotionally. By Physical I just mean always hugging, leaning on each other, tickling, poking and stuff like that. Never anything sexual as we are just friends, and are usually dating other people. Whats making me jealous lately is she has stopped being physical with me almost all together. However she is suddenly being physical with all our other guy friends right in front of me. Like she can't keep her hands off them but barely even hugs me any more. I finally asked her whats up and she said she hadn't noticed and that I shouldn't care. She doesn't want to date them or anything and I'm just her friend so I shouldn't care what she does. She still tells me I'm her best friend and the only guy she loves besides her current boyfriend. She says all the right words but there is no action behind it any more. Do I just need to suck it up and deal with our friendship changing? Any idea what caused this change in her? I know she's just my best friend but I really liked having someone close like that and with just words it doesn't feel that way any more. thank you in advance for any input you might have.

Friendship Jealousy

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Some thoughts: That's her signal to you that you need to move on? Perhaps to find a real GF? Or because you have served your purpose and it's time to move to some fresh guys? Perhaps she picked up that the physical hugging on your part was no longer just "friendly" and she didn't want you to get the wrong signals from continued physical contact. (She seems to be quite the flirt, too. I wonder what her BF thinks of her need to have all this attention.)


She is pushing you away because SHE has more than friendly feelings for you and she is afraid to confront them. (Which I doubt, but it could be true.)

You say she has a BF. Yet, you are jealous of this new batch of guys that she gets physical with, no strings attached (her rules.) Is she using the BF as a shield so she can flirt like this?

You can push this issue by trying to have a serious talk with her, but don't count on it. She has already told you that you don't have the right to care.

I have a feeling she likes things just the way they are.

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