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Emotionally Abusive Boyfriend

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on Mar 24 2005 at 20:48
Member since: 08 January 2005
Relationship advice Hi my name is Angie. I think my boyfriend is emotionally abusive. He yells at me all the time.. He blames me when something in his life is going bad. If he doesn?t get what he wants he takes it out on me. He criticises everything I do. He tells me that I can?t cook, can?t clean, dont know how to take care of my kids, I can?t make sex sensational, I can?t drive. He tells me how I should have my hair. Tells me there?s no communication in our relationship. He says I can?t take care of myself.

I am pregnant and he tells me.. if I have his baby that I will live a miserable life. He has told me that I am stupid and I have my family to blame for that.. He will ignore

me for days when he is mad about something like I did something wrong...

He has tried to break up with me before saying that we have never been compatable... and for some reason I feel that I love him.. I am so confused and not sure how to get myself out I catch myself starting too cry just thinking about him and some of the things that he has said to me. Please, I need help, I have no-one too talk to about this.. everyone says just to leave but, it doesn?t seem that easy so I get tired of hearing

that...easier said then done.... can someone help

Emotionally Abusive Boyfriend
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on Mar 27 2005 at 15:40
Member since: 27 March 2005
Angie - you are a pathetic excuse for a woman. You will always be with people who treat you like that as you will always let them. Get control, respect yourself and for gods sake, leave him so that you can get help and he can find someone that won't put up with his behaviour so that he can be happy. People like you make me ashamed to be female. GET A LIFE and stop moaning on about your horrible relationship - you know its dreadful - no way do you love him. You have no idea of what love means, you just have no spine. Jayester

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