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Threatened to be harmed physically

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Health advice Hi Folks,
I got to know a girl, from Brighton, quite a bit of a time ago. We got on well and spend a large amount of time together. Even though it doesn't happen to frequent that I really like a girl, I liked her a whole lot.
Suddenly she changed her attitude more and more and finally became offensive. She seemed to be insecure from the beginning and tried to hide it to the outside which led her to be insulting. I didn't take it serious and just ignored it when she did it but at a certain point everything became steadily worse and she seemed to do it in order to provoke me. After a perioid of time I also went quite evil and told her, admittedly a really bad thing noone deserves to hear. Then we talked on the phone where she threatened me that if I say something like that again she will send male friends to beat me up, if it is not too late already. I got kinda frightened at first and got paranoid thinking they can come any minute. I knew that I cant sue her for that threat bc I didn't record that call. Its also a bit of an issue that Amalia seems to be the kindest girl on this planet even though she really isn't. Compared to her I can't even articulate myself properly so how should I ever convince someone.
However then I just texted her bad messages in order to scare her a little off to tell her: Im not afraid.

Can anyone please help me!?
If something is unclear let me know and Thanks.

Threatened to be harmed physically

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Insulting in what ways?

Told her WHAT 'quite evil' thing?

She said "if" you say something like that "again", she'll send male friends, not send them anyway, didn't she? So what are you worried about? Are you INTENDING to repeat the offense?

Threatened to be harmed physically

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You are under complete control of this situation: Just don't talk to her anymore.

Sounds simple unless you think you have to open your "evil" mouth again.

Then be prepared for the consequences.

Threatened to be harmed physically

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Well she said something like: If im going to say something evil again, she will definitely send me them but she doesn't know if she will send me them now. So it depends on her right now. However I don't think that she will if im not going to respond anymore.

What I forgot to mention is that she has quite rich friends in England and in Greece, which worries me. I mean it sounds quite absurd to say that they could simply let assasinate me or something like that, but what is normal nowadays.

We both live in 2 different countries btw. I live in Germany.

And no, I won't reply to her ever again.

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