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Should I worry?

Me and my bf have been together for 1y 6m. We just moved to Colorado together. We are doing awesome. I just bought him a new phome for christmas and he left his old phone at home. I was going through his old phone (not sure why ive never done that and i wasnt expecting to find anything) and i found a message he sent to his friend. It said hey I met this really hot girl last night at Pizza Port(the job we worked at together back in california pizza restraunt/Brewery) she has sent him pics(with clothes) which he sent to his friend and told him she wanted to hang out with him. His friend asked if she had a friend my bf then said she was from vegas just visiting. He never said if he hung out with her. Its now december and these messages were from july(5months ago) should i ask him about it?

Should I worry?

Let it go because you violated he by going through his phone. Simply put, our phones can destroy any good thing we have going and there is really nothing we can do about it. You can never expect snooping and if you ever seem like you are too prepared for snooping, then you will be accused anyway. The big thing here is choice, it is our choice if we want to snoop through a partner’s phone or not and the issue is the fact that most of us will do it anyway, even though we know it’s wrong and the outcome will be terrible. Will it's invasion of privacy and would you like it if somebody did that to you? Personally it pisses me off when people do it. If you're that worried and can't trust him leave him. There's no sense in dating somebody if you can't trust them and going through his phone shows that you don't trust him so there's no point in being with him if you can't trust him. A relationship is based off of trust before love. If there's a dispute on that ask yourself can I really love him if I can't trust him. So it's whatever you want to do, but going through his phone isn't something that needs to be done. Just have enough faith in him that he's not going to be doing something you wouldn't approve of or get rid of him. That's the bottom line. Don't mean to sound to harsh but that's the fact of the matter.

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