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Education advice Ever since I was a little girl I knew exactly what I wanted, well kind of I dreamed a lot. I dram about being a singer an actress model scientist doctor Olympic winner, but I knew that I needed, success. When I got to a certain age I knew I couldn't be everything so i settle to being a speech therapist. I struggle my high school years with bullies but I still manage to be mvp player and captain of my soccer team, of course I wasn't the happiest team captain because my team was full of bullies who didn't believed in me. Ever since freshman year I wanted to leave my town here the only way you can get a job is if you know someone doesn't matter education or experience. I had everything college close to home dorm and roommate, but my parents made me stay, in the jr college in this town. Now ending my first semester and turning 19 all in the same week just makes me feel like I have done nothing. I don't feel like continuing to study, I just keep thinking on how I could of leave and be joining clubs in an university. Is like I'am having a middle life crisis at 19. nothing feels right I also have to see the faces of my bullies when I go to the store or things like that. I just want to cry, because my parents don't understand. Being Mexican American with a family so traditional doesn't help if your a girl and want to succeed.


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hi liz,
I understand your parent's worries. 1st generation immigrants often worry that their child would be swept away by the "American culture". but most often, these worries are unfounded.
you should always join clubs as these experiences stay with you for the lifetime, they are really fun so you can fully enjoy!! you won't get second chances of getting these experiences, so if you want, you shouldn't have second thoughts about joining these clubs.
talk to your parents and listen to their opinion, why they don't want you to live in the dorm. and they have to understand that you are not their little girl anymore. some point in their lives, they have to let you go and they need to practice it.
insist that not living in the dorm is seriously hampering your studies. (you are never a college student fully if you don't live in the dorm)
you are yourself afraid of being bullied, so you feel still need the parent's nest.
trust me, not leaving the nest for a so-called "feeling safe" will do worse. you are a college student and you have the right to enjoy the life at its fullest. do not believe anyone who tells you different.


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Use this first year to prove you are ready to move on to another educational setting in the future.

You sound very directive and are a survivor, in spite of some cultural perceptions about what a young woman's capability.

Prove them wrong! Show how capable you are! Consider this first year as your "practice" year.

Good luck!

PS Bullies lose their power after high school. Again - hold your head up. You are miles ahead of them.

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