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Long Distance Relationships

This is a long story... but I have a friend I've known for a few months. We met online on Omegle and have connected ever since. He's told me I'm one of few people he can open up to, and he tells me everything. I can tell him everything as well, and I've never connected with a person more. One problem; he lives on the other side of the country from me. He knows I love him and want a relationship, but he told me he can't handle a long distance relationship. We have made all these plans for the future including becoming roommates if I get accepted to this college near him. We Skype as much as possible and text every day, and I feel this could really go somewhere. I'm even saving up to go meet him, but in the meantime, how do I tell him I would like to give us a chance?

Long Distance Relationships

"how do I tell him I would like to give us a chance?" You HAVE told him this, haven't you? His reply is that he does not want a long distance relationship. He's been honest with you. (young guys can't really commit to long distance, anyway, and I'd be suspicious about him committing to a roommate arrangement for something that might happen next year) A "few months" is a short time. Lots of things can change. I don't have any advice, except to be very careful of how strong YOUR feelings are with a guy who has told you he can't commit.

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