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Husband Puts Others First

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Relationship advice Socially and in business my husband caves to the needs of others and ignores the agreements he and I have made together as a team. Here are a few examples. 1. He is a mechanic with his own shop and more than once he has found himself tricked into repairing a person's car who knew they were short on funds before they brought the vehicle to him. This has happened with a couple of people. I had to handle the situations myself, because they kept stringing him along. I feel they try to take advantage of him. I know they knew they were short on funds, because they were dropping hints they might not come through on time after bringing him the car. 2. We also make and sell candles. More than once he has told a customer we would custom make items even though he and I have agreed since we make these in our kitchen and we have many other tasks, we do not accept custom orders. We used to take custom orders, but that was really inconvenient. Also, I make homemade meals in our kitchen on a regular basis for us. So, dropping my chicken soup recipe to make candles doesn't make sense especially when we usually have a vast selection already available from our candle making sessions. It takes several hours to make these and while we both enjoy it, I don't think it makes sense to take custom orders when we already have a reasonable selection. To me it's o.k. to take suggestions as to what we can make in the future, but it doesn't need to be worded in a way to suggest we are taking customs orders.

For sixteen years, we've been married. I love my husband, but I wish he would not give into others when we've made an agreement as partners.

Husband Puts Others First

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Oh, bless his heart!!

But keep him away from taking order for candles. Hands off, hubby! :) This makes more work for YOU.

RE: doing repair work from people who need their cars - but don't have the money. I know mechanics who take payments, others who reduce the repair bill to fit the customer's ability to pay. Bless them, too.

Make him promise he will not let people take advantage of him in 2015. A New Year's Resolution :)

When he begins to feel "used" I have a feeling he will wise up and stop - or limit - his free gratis work by himself.

Both of you sound like wonderful people - count your blessings.

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