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Help to talk to my friend

Hello..I'm a teenage girl. I have this amazing guy as a friend. I met him last year at my workplace. He is really cute and funny and sweet. But being the shy girl that I am, I don't talk to him at all. We chat a lot, almost everyday, but talk face to face very rarely. I have been learning in a girls only school since 4th grade, and I find it hard to talk to boys normally. I might like my friend just a little bit, just a small crush. But he doesn't like that I don't talk to him. We have had fights over this issue many times and I've apologized many many times. Each time I have a shift with him I decide and resolve to talk to him, but whenever I meet him I'm always at a loss for words. I just don't understand what to talk about because I know him very well already, and as I already mentioned, we chat a lot. Now he's angry with me again because I didn't talk to him, and I'm feeling ashamed of apologizing again because it might be seeming like my apologies are fake and don't really mean anything, although I really feel sorry and want to talk to him. What do I do?? Please help!

Help to talk to my friend

Your issue is not uncommon these days. Young people spend so much time texting and chatting online that they do not TALK in person. So they miss all the real closeness, body language, voice inflections, and meanings that comes when you actually have a conversation with another person. Eye contact and hearing another person's actual voice are two more things that are needed to develop a friendship. It sounds like this fella wants to take your relationship to another level. He wants to actually meet and talk to you IN PERSON! This is very exciting and may make you nervous, but this is a good feeling! Meet and then DO something, even if it's going for a walk or window shopping. Talk about what you see and like. Get to know him. This is what he wants to happen with you. Don't miss out on all the fun.

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