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Okay so i need some advice, i met a girl a few weeks back and yeah she is stunning byt at the time she had a boyfriend but things just felt right so we decided to start meeting up and seeing how it goes.
I tried to be partially respectful towards her boyfriend but she said she didnt want to be with him anymore but she also couldnt see a future with us either.

However since then she has broken up with her boyfriend 3 days before xmas and is constantly texting me and coming into my work to see me and if i dont reply to her texts she thinks i hate her... I dont think shes all there in the head but what makes it harder to say no is she is a topless model and is stunning.

Why is she obsessing over me??
please any ideas on how to gently let her down without upsetting her or making me out to be a bad guy??

Obsessed Girl

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don't worry about letting her down gently, that causes more problems than it's worth since you'll probably give her mixed messages. Just Text her/ring her/speak to her when she's at your work and say that you don't want to continue seeing her because (your reason).

When guys don't text back, girls get upset, we do think you must hate us because really how hard is it to reply to a text and if you liked us you would just reply. Don't worry about being the bad guy it's much nicer in the short term and much less confusing that when you just start ignoring a girl.

Obsessed Girl

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You said: 'I dont think shes all there in the head but what makes it harder to say no is she is a topless model and is stunning."

Well . . . know that "stunning topless models (did you mean dancer?) who aren't all in her head" get a lot of attention, in fact, that's WHY she's in this provocative career.

So she's NOT getting your full attention, and it's a game for her to make that happen. So she's playing you by telling you are a bad boy and pouting about it.

It's your choice if you want to develop this relationship, but don't count on it being "real." She needs constant drama and a constant chase.

Ask her why her ex BF gave her up. That ought to give you a clue.

In the meantime, continue to think about why she's pursuing you so much. She doesn't like "no"

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